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BIOL 1030 Review 2

What is true of stamens, sepals, petals, carpels, and pinecone scales? They are modified leaves.
In Arabidopsis thaliana, a flowering plant, cells of the sporophyte have 10 chromosomes within each nucleus. How many chromosomes should be in an Arabidopsis endosperm nucleus? 15 (because it is 3n)
Which of the following is a structure of angiosperm gametophytes pollen tubes
This phylum of vascular, seed-bearing plants has only about 70 living species in three genera, including Welwitschia and Ephedra. Gnetophyta (gnetophytes)
If Archaeplastida is eventually designated a kingdom that includes the groups taught in this course as being part of it (Rhodophyta, Chlorophyta, and Plantae), then what will be true of this new kingdom? It will be monophyletic
The term embryo sac in flowering plants refers to the female gametophyte
We know from the experiments of the past that plants bend toward light because cell expansion is greater on the dark side of the stem.
The various taxonomic levels (viz, genera, classes, etc.) of the hierarchical classification system differ from each other on the basis of their inclusiveness.
In the pressure flow hypothesis of phloem movement, loading of carbohydrates like sucrose into the phloem occurs by: active transport
The first step in the germination of a seed is usually imbibition of water.
Members of this phylum of vascular, seed-bearing plants have the largest sperm known. Many look like palm trees, but they reproduce using cones. They were a dominant plant group in the Mesozoic era. Cycadophyta (cycads)
Most of the dry weight of a plant is the result of uptake of CO2 through stoma.
Seed plants are always heterosporous
Above is a woody eudicot stem cross-section. The correct order of these layers, from 1 (outermost) to 4 (innermost), is: primary phloem, secondary phloem, secondary xylem, primary xylem
These “carnivorous” plants have a passive trap that insects fall into and have difficulty getting out of, in part due to downward pointing hairs. insects get trapped and killed in a vat of water and digestive enzymes and/or bacteria and protists. pitcher plants (Sarracenia and others)
A flower that develops with only sepals, petals, and carpels is: incomplete and imperfect
Consider a long-day plant such as an iris. If the plant is exposed to a flash of red light given during the middle of the night during a long night this will likely stimulate flowering.
Arrange the following from largest to smallest, assuming that they all come from the same fungus. 1. basidiocarp 2. basidium 3. basidiospore 4. mycelium 5. gill 4, 1, 5, 2, 3
The plant tissue type that gives rise to all other plant tissues or cell types is: meristem
The only dermal tissue cells that typically perform photosynthesis are guard cells.
Which statement represents the best explanation for the observation that the nuclear DNA of wolves and domestic dogs has a very high degree of homology? Dogs and wolves shared a common ancestor very recently
Tests and thread-like pseudopodia that can perform phagocytosis are generally characteristic of which group Rhizaria
A plant with red flowers with long, thick floral tubes and little odor is most likely pollinated by: birds
In general in members of phylum Anthophyta cells of the gametophyte are 1 N
What tissue conducts sugars from the roots to stems and leaves? phloem
A plant with parallel leaf veins and floral parts in multiples of three would be classified as a monocot.
Which group contains the organism, Trypanosoma, that causes African sleeping sickness? Discicristata
Which of the following pairs of protists and their characteristics is mismatched? ciliates : red tide organisms
A seed contains only the developing or dormant embryo and 2N cells from the sporophyte that gave rise to the female gametophyte and possibly 1N cells from the female gametophyte and/or 3N endosperm cells.
In most fungi, karyogamy does not immediately follow plasmogamy, which consequently results in heterokaryotic or dikaryotic cells.
This phylum of vascular, cone-bearing seed plants is the group of gymnosperms with the most species. Many members have needle-shaped leaves with thick cuticles and are thus adapted to dry conditions. Coniferophyta (conifers)
You are doing a study of the DNA sequences of members of Kingdom Fungi to try to resolve questions about the phylogeny of the group. Which of the following would best serve as an outgroup for your study? a fish
What is the main force by which most of the water within xylem vessels moves toward the top of a tree? evaporation of water through stoma
Members of this plant phylum have true leaves, but those leaves have only a single vein of vascular tissue and are called microphylls, in contrast to the megaphylls that are found in most other vascular plants. Lycophyta
If you see a large flower that smells like rotting meat it is likely pollinated by flies
If you wanted to decrease the water retention capacity of loamy soil, what should you do? Increase the number of sand particles in the soil
Which of the following is true in the angiosperm life cycle? gametophytes are totally dependent on the sporophytes
Some plants, such as legumes, have specialized root nodules where bacteria live in a mutualistic symbiotic relationship with the plant. These bacteria help mainly by: fixing nitrogen into compounds that the plant can use
Sperm cells in gymnosperms are produced by mitosis by 1N cells from the pollen grain.
Where and by which process are sperm produced in plants? mitosis in male gametophytes
Members of this phylum of vascular, seed-bearing plants are limited to one living species, with separate male and female trees. Although not a flowering plant, they are deciduous. They are often planted on city streets Ginkgophyta (ginkgos)
A water molecule could move all the way through a plant from soil to root to leaf to air and pass through a living cell only once. This living cell would be a part of which structure? the endodermis
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