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pe midterm

Cardiovascular endurance the ability of the body to use oxygen efficiently while working in your training zone for an extended period of time.
Muscular strength the ability of you muscles to exert a certain amount of force. Push ups and pull ups as well as weight training are ways to test and improve muscular strength. Aerobic conditioning (running, biking, swimming etc)
Muscular endurance the ability of your muscles to exert a force repeatedly for a period of time. Doing the sit up test is a measure of not only the strength of your abdominal muscles, but also a test of their endurance- how long the muscles can continue to lift you up.
Flexibility the ability to move a joint through a complete range of motion. The sit and reach test examined the flexibility of the muscles surrounding your lower back and hamstrings. These muscles are above and below the hip joint.
Skill related fitness component 1 Agility- the ability to change the position of your body and to control the movement of your whole body.
Skill related fitness component 2 Balance- the ability to keep an upright posture while either standing still or moving.
Skill related fitness component 3 Power- the ability to perform with strength at a rapid pace.
Skill related fitness component 4 Reaction Time- the amount of time it takes to start a movement once your senses signal the need to move.
Skill related fitness component 5 Coordination- the integration of eye, hand, and foot movements.
Skill related fitness component 6 Speed- the ability to cover a distance in a short time.
Side out scoring (volleyball) Team must be serving to score. Game is played to 15 points.
Rally scoring (volleyball) Team winning the rally scores the point and earns the serve. Game is played to 25 points (must win by 2)
Front row (volleyball) X1- Hitter, X2-Setter, X3-Hitter.
Back row (volleyball) X4-Passer, X5 Passer, X6 Server
The perfect play in volleyball? Bump, set, spike
Dig (volleyball) a defensive move where a player drops quickly to the floor to “dig” up a ball before if hits.
Foot fault (volleyball) server steps on or over the end line at the moment of serving the ball
Illegal hit (volleyball) hitting the ball with both hands below the waist
Touchdown pass (speedball) thrown by a team member from outside the designated endzone 1 pt
A basket (speedball) 2 pts inside, 3pts outside 3pt line
A goal kicked into a designated goal area 3 pts
Created by: veeschool
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