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19-2, 19-3

Terms associated with Stock Investment

Stockholder Someone who owns shares in a corporation, part owner...
Dividends Part of the profits are paid to the stockholders.
Preferred stock A class of stock that has priority over common stock in payment of dividends, usually limited to set rate.
Common Stock Represents general ownership in a corporation and a right to share in profits. No stated dividend rate, gets one vote per share.
Stockbroker A licensed specialist in the buying and selling of stocks and bonds.
Commission A fee paid for services.
Full-service broker Provides information about securities, works for brokerage company with research staff.
Discount broker Just places orders for securities, offers limited research.
Securities A term used to desribe stocks, bonds, mutual funds.
Stock Exchange A business that specializes in the selling and buying of securities. NYSE is an example.
NASDAQ An over-the-counter market...Electronic stock exchange, transactions happen through the phone lines and Internet.
Market value The price at which a share of stock can be bought or sold.
Inflation A general rise in prices.
Interest rates The cost of borrowing money.
Equity Securities Represents ownership...stocks
Bond A certificate representing a "promise to pay" a specific amount of interest on a specific due date. They borrow YOUR $.
Maturity Date The due date of the bond.
Municipal bonds City, county, states sell this type of bond to raise $. Tax exempt for investors.
U.S. Savings Bond For investors with small amounts of $ to invest. One of the safest type of bonds.
Corporate Bonds Bonds issued by corporations to raise investment capital. Borrows your $ at a cheaper interest rate, pays investor interest twice a year.
Face value or maturity value Amount being borrowed by the corporation issuing the bond.
Mutual Fund An investment fund set up and managed by a company that receives money from MANY investors. Spreads out the risk over many different securities.
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