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Glyphs Bonus Terms

Vocabulary from the Martian, Meroitic, Etruscan, Black Speech & Elvish Languages

Anthre Atrium Etruscan
Autamene Autumn Etruscan
Sa Four Etruscan
Cezp Right Etruscan
Ci-em Zathrum Seventeen Etruscan
Taitle Daedalus Etruscan
Uni Juno Etruscan
Bacchus Fufluns Etruscan
Ash One Black Speech
Nazg Ring Black Speech
Burz- Dark Black Speech
Edro Open Elvish
Annon Door Elvish
Pedo Say Elvish
Hain Them Elvish
Thiw Sign Elvish
Darf Past, old times, chronicle Martian
Darfhulva History Martian
Hulva Knowledge, science Martian
Masthar Year Martian
Sanv Two Martian
Kdi Woman Meroitic
Abr Man Meroitic
Tnyi Lion Meroitic
Quore Rule Meroitic
Sem Wife Meroitic
Ste Mother Meroitic
Edne, Tedne Born Meroitic
Cathna, Cathni Chain Etruscan
Pupli People Etruscan
Thu One Etruscan
Mach Five Etruscan
Nurph Nine Etruscan
Suthina of/for the burial Etruscan
Eason Jason Etruscan
Cathna Sun God Etruscan
Hercle Hercules Etruscan
Histrio Histrionics Etruscan
Phersu Person Etruscan
Zal Two Etruscan
Huth Six Etruscan
Sar Ten Etruscan
Herkle Heracles Etruscan
Akhle Achilles Etruscan
Cel Mother Goddess Etruscan
Durb (durbatuluk) rule (to rule them all) Black Speech
At to Black Speech
Krimp (krimpatul) to bind (them) Black Speech
Edhellen Elf Elvish
Hi Now Elvish
Mellon Friend Elvish
Hin These Elvish
Sorn Matter Martian
Sornhulva Chemistry/Physics Martian
Davas Metal Martian
Kiradava Beryllium Martian
Krav three, third month Martian
Kdis, Kdite Sister Meroitic
Wi Brother Meroitic
St, Stqo Foot, Feet Meroitic
Adb Land Meroitic
Yirewke East Meroitic
Tenke West Meroitic
S Person Meroitic
Yireke South Merotic
Hr North Meroitic
Mlo Good Meroitic
Mte Little, small Meroitic
Lh Large, Great Meroitic
At Bread Merotic
Ato Water Meroitic
Mk Deity Meroitic
Kdke, Ktke, Kdwe King's Sister Meroitic
Edhe, Tedne, Yerike Begotten of Meroitic
L, El, Yel Give Meroitic
Tbo Two Meroitic
Zatlath Satellite Etruscan
Ci Three Etruscan
Semph Seven Etruscan
Huth-zar Sixteen Etruscan
Kukne Cyncus, Son of Ares Etruscan
Tin Jupiter Etruscan
Selvan Silvanus Etruscan
-ul Them Black Speech
Gimb (Gimbatul) Find (find them) Black Speech
Thrak (thrakuluk) Bring (bring them all) Black Speech
Agh And Black Speech
Fennas Gateway Elvish
Nogothrim Dwarf Elvish
Minno Enter Elvish
O of Elvish
Beth Word Elvish
Lammen Tounge Elvish
Im I Elvish
Teithant Draw Elvish
Salfalddavas/Tnfalddavas Lithium Martian
Safaldsorn Hydrogen Martian
Doma Five Martian
Venth Eight Martian
Ta- of/for Martian
-vod Ordinalizer Martian
Trav One Martian
Nor Ten Martian
Created by: KimberlyAnn590