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1 - Tagalog Words

To win Manalo
Tomorrow Bukas
Ouch Aray
Where Saan
Old (The dog is old) Matanda (Matanda na ang aso)
Salty Maalat
Shallow Mababaw
Fast Mabalis
Slow Magabal
Go to church Magsisimba
To go with (I will go with you to Baguio city) Sasama (Sasama ako sa lyo sa Baguio City)
You (it’s up to you) Ikaw (Ikaw ang bahala)
to study (She is studying engineering) Kumukuha (Kumukuha saya ng engineering)
Bring (v) Dalhin
Left (my left foot hurts) Kaliwa (Ang kaliwang paa ko ay masakit)
Departure (our departure is tomorrow at sunrise) Alis (Madaling araw ang aming alis)
Now/already Na
Play (v) (Lets play golf) Laro (Laro tayo ng golf)
Vegetable Gulay
Them (pronoun) Sila
Waiting (Your boyfriend is waiting for you) Naghihintay (Naghihintay na ang iyong 'boyfriend')
To wash(I will wash the dishes) Huhugasan (Huhugasan ko ang mga plato )
To tell (I will tell you my secret) Sasabihin (Sasabihin ko sa iyo ang aking sekreto)
To bring (I will bring them to the airport) Ihahatid (Ihahatid ko sila sa airport)
Will borrow (verb) (I will borrow the book) Hihiramin (Hihiramin ko ang libro)
Beautiful (the San Sebastian church in Manila is very beautiful) Simbahan (Napakaganda ng simbahan ng San Sebastian sa Maynila)
Hungry (I am hungry) Nagugutom (Nagugutom na ako)
Yesterday (We went to the beach yesterday) Kahpon (Pumunta kami sa beach kahpon)
Xmas Lantern (The have a Xmas lantern) Parol (May parol sila)
Know (They know) Alam (Alam nila) verb
Love (I love my mother so much) Mahal (Mahal na mahal ko si nanay)
Ran (He ran) Tumsbo (verb) (Tumakbo siya)
I lover you Mahal Kita
to meet (I want to meet her) Makilala (verb) Gusto ko siyang makilala
To watch or view (Would you like to watch a movie) Manood (verb) Guso mo bang manood ng sine?
To eat (would you like to eat out) Kumain (verb) (Guso mo bang kumain sa labas?)
Talk (can we talk please) Magusap (verb) (Maaari ba tayong magusap?)
Created by: james.ensor
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