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Radiology key terms


Includes the line switch,timer,milliamperage and kilovoltage selector, and the exposure button. Control Panel
A technique where the beam of radiation is directed perpendicular to the film and the long axis of the teeth. Bisecting Technique
A technique where the film and tooth and PID are parallel. Paralleling Technique
Hard radiation. Short wave lengths
Long wave lengths. Soft radiation
Scattered radiation. Compton effect
Device from which the tubehead and x-ray machine is suspended. Extension arm
Protective covering that contains thex-ray tube,step up and step down transformers and insolating oils. Tube Head
Posative electrodes. Anode
Negative pull in x-ray tube. Cathode
Quantity of radiation. MA's
Penetrating power and quality of x-ray produced. KVp's
High voltage, to produce radiation. Step up transformer
A voltage compensator that corrects minor fluctuations in the current flowing through the wires. Auto transformer
Useful beam Primary Beam
Middle portion of the useful beam. Central Beam
Created the second the primary beam hits tissue. Secondary Beam
The making of radiographs by exposing and processing x-ray films. Radiography
PID Rectangular cones
A circuit-closing contact that can only be maintained by continuous pressure. "Dead Man" switch
Stage when the filament in the cathode becomes red hot and glows, electons form the electron cloud. Incondescence
Copper that carries off the excess heat. Radiator
The strength of an electric current. Amperage
Curved part of the x-ray machine that can rotate 360. Yoke
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