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Practice MGMT

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Any person licensed and engaged in the general practice of dental hygiene and all related and associated duties, including educational, clinical and therapeutic dental hygiene A dental hygienist (according to Statutes)
Regulatory sanctions that are imposed by the board in combination with or an alternative to revocation or suspension of a license "Disciplinary action" defined by the Statutes
What are some examples that the board could impose? EX: Imposition of an administrative penalty in an amount not to exceed $2,000 for each violation EX: Imposition of restrictions on the scope of practice. EX: Imposition of peer review + profession education requirements.
Is a "Letter of Concern" considered a disciplinary action? Why or why not? No, because it is a public document and may be used in a future disciplinary action
True/False: A "recognized dental hygiene school" must be accredited by the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation TRUE
Who are "supervised personnel"? All dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental lab technicians, denturists, dental x-ray technicians, and other persons supervised by licensed dentists
Is sharing client information unrelated to treatment with a colleague in another office considered "unprofessional conduct"? YES
Is coming to work intoxicated considered "unprofessional conduct"? YES
Is frequent billing irregularities considered "unprofessional conduct"? YES
Is telling a client that you can permanently cure his periodontal disease considered "unprofessional conduct"? YES
Is filing an insurance claim for services not rendered considered "unprofessional conduct"? YES
Is allowing a dental assistant to provide a simple prophylaxis for a child considered "unprofessional conduct"? YES
Is failing to inform a patient of the type of restorative material to be used and the reasons for using that particular material considered "unprofessional conduct"? YES
Is allowing a dental assistant to administer nitrous oxide considered "unprofessional conduct"? YES
Who comprises the membership of the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners? 6 licensed dentists, 2 licensed hygienists, and 3 public members
Are board members elected or appointed? By whom? They are appointed by the governor
How long is a Board members term of service? When does it begin and end? 4 years; it begins on January 1st and ends on January 1st
True/False: A Board member can serve no more than 8 consecutive years on the Board? TRUE
True/False: The Board does not have the authority to suspend or revoke the registration of a business entity if the entity has been found guilty of violating a Board statute or rule FALSE; the board has the authority to suspend or revoke a registration
True/False: The Board must emply an Executive Director FALSE; The board may employ an executive director, subject to legislative appropriation.
True/False: The President of the Board must be a dentist FALSE
True/False: Board members are entitled to compensation for all expenses incurred while performing their duties TRUE
True/False: The Board may spend all the money it collects FALSE
True/False: A dentist who is in the Air Force and practicing at Luke Air Force Base in Litchfield Park, AZ must have an AZ dental license to do so FALSE
True/False: According to Statutes, a dentist must have an AZ dental license in order to supervise in our dental hygiene clinic FALSE
What are the most significant powers and duties of the Board? Keep record of its proceedings and reports, Issue, suspend and revoke licenses, Regulate dental personnel, Establish a uniform and reasonable standard of minimum education requirements
What are the duties that a person licensed as a dental consultant may and may not perform? they are limited to supervising or conducting utilization review; they may not provide direct patient care.
If a person's dental, dental hygiene, or denturist license has been revoked, when, and under what conditions, may they reapply for licensure? The board must determine that they are completely rehabilitated
If a licensee fails to pay the designated license fees on time, what happens to his or her license? They forfeit their license, but they can have it reinstated within 2 years if they pay the license fee and fine of $100
What two conditions must be met in order for a business entity to offer dental services? Must be registered and include a sworn statement that the info provided is true and correct and no info is omitted from application
A dental licensee must notify the Board of a change of office address within ___ days 10 days
Failure of a dental hygienist to notify the Board in writing within 30 days of a change of address listed with the Board will result in a penalty of $____. $100
True/False: A dentist who provides dental services at St. Vincent de Paul dental clinic could do so under a restricted permit TRUE
True/False: If a licensee moves out of state or is no longer practicing, they may discontinue paying the license renewal fees and have their license declared "inactive" FALSE
True/False: Only a dentist or dental hygienist can own a dental practice FALSE
True/False: A dentist is required to display his/her license or current receipt in a readily observable area TRUE
True/False: The Board may suspend or revoke a license if the licensee fails to comply with a final board order TRUE
True/False: The Board has no authority to publicly display a notice that someone's license has been revoked or suspended FALSE
What are the grounds for disciplinary action? unprofessional conduct, conviction of a felony, or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude
What is the maximum administrative penalty that can be imposed for a disciplinary action against a dentist? a fine of $2,000 for each violation
What is the criminal charge for practicing dentistry without a license? Class VI (6) felony
Who may file a complaint against a licensee? Anyone
True/False: It is a class 2 misdemeanor to employ a person to practice dentistry who does not hold a valid dental license FALSE
True/False: The Board appointed investigator can take as long as he/she needs to investigate a complaint TRUE
True/False: The Board has the right to promulgate rules regarding the regulation and practice of dentists, dental hygienists and denturists TRUE
True/False: As a dental hygienist you do not have to record your treatment in the clients chart. However, the dentist is liable if you don't FALSE
True/False: Complaints against licensees that involve drug or alcohol impairment may remain anonymous at the request of the complainant TRUE
True/False: If a client requests copies of his/her dental records but refuses to pay for them, the copies still must be provided TRUE
Who acts as legal counsel for the Board? Attorney general, or the board can employ other counsel
According to Statutes, what must be included in a client's treatment record? Treatment notes, info, diagnosis, treatment planning, dental and perio charting, and all radiographs
What level of supervision is required for most dental hygiene procedures? General
Which dental hygiene procedures require the direct supervision of a dentist? Local anesthesia, N2O, and placing interrupted sutures
How is direct supervision defined in the Statutes? Dentist is present in office while Dental Hygienist is treating a patient and is available for consult
Dentist is available for consult, but does not have to be present in the office General supervision
Where may a dental hygienist perform dental hygiene procedures? For a patient of record, in a dental office. Health care facility, nursing home, and public health agency
A written Affiliated Practice agreement between a dental hygienist and a dentist must include what items? I.D. of practice settings, procedures and standing orders DH must follow requirements for referral of care. Pt. must be seen by a dentist within 12 months of DH care, pt's 65 and older be seen after DH tx, consult on complex medical history
What criteria must be met for a dental hygienist to be eligible to enter into an affiliated practice agreement with a dentist and practice in an affiliated practice setting? active license, enter into AP relationship with a specific dentist, had a license for 5 yrs., and practiced 2000 hrs immediately preceeding the AP
A dental hygienist and the affiliated dentist must notify the board with ___ days after the effective date of an affiliated agreement or the amendment or termination of an existing one. 30 days
What duties is a dental hygienist restricted from performing when working as an affiliated practice hygienist. anesthetic, SRP, N2O, sutures
True/False: It is a class 2 misdemeanor to practice dental hygiene in this state without a valid license FALSE
True/False: A dental hygienist is permitted to perform any procedure that a dental assistant is legally allowed to perform TRUE
True/False: When employed in a nursing home, a dental hygienist may screen clients at anytime but a dentist msut have examined the client within the previous 12 months before the hygienist can provide any specific dental hygiene services TRUE
True/False: A dentist must be present in the office whenever an assistant is exposing radiographs FALSE
What is the minimum age that an applicant for licensure as a dental hygienist must be? 18
What are the three examinations that a dental hygiene applicant must take in order to be granted a license to practice in arizona? National Dental Hygiene Board Exam, WREB within 5 years preceding the appointment, AZ dental jurisprudence exam
Under what conditions may a dental hygienist obtain Arizona state licensure by credential? $1,000 fee, By passing the clinical ex of another state of testing agency no more than 5 yrs before submitting application
What is the triennial renewal fee for a dental hygiene license? #325.00
True/False: A dental hygienist is required to display their license in every office they work in. TRUE
True/False: A denturist may practice independently in his/her own office FALSE
True/False: If a problem arises from the performance of a denturist's duties, the licensed dentist supervising that denturist is personally liable TRUE
True/False: The Board has no authority to monitor the substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation of a licensee FALSE
If the Board establishes a treatment program for alcohol and drug abuse, how may it be funded? From renewal fees
If a dentist dispenses drugs to a patient, what information must be included on the package? Dispensing dentists name, address, and phone number, date dispensed, pt's name, name of drug, strength of drug, directions for use, and cautionary statements.
Under what conditions may a dentist dispense drugs for profit? Only to his own patient for conditions being treated or in an emergency situation
If a dentist is found guilty of prescribing or dispensing drugs for other than professional purposes, what charge would the Board make against the licensee? Civil penalty of not less than $300 or more than $1,000
What are the responsibilities of a dentist of record? To examine, diagnose, formulate treatment plans for a patient, and may provide treatment to a patient
True/False: When a dentist of record is replaced by a new dentist of record, the new dentist assumes all responsibility for the care previously rendered FALSE
True/False: If a dentist refuses to complete treatment already in progress because the patient says that they will not pay for it, it is considered abandonment and could result in disciplinary action against the dentist TRUE
True/False: The Dental Hygiene Committee advises the Board on matters relating to the regulation of dental hygienists TRUE
True/False: The Dental Hygiene Committee is comprised of 7 dental hygienists TRUE
How many dental hygienists may one dentist supervise at a time? 3
What steps must the hygienist take before she/he can legally administer local anesthesia or nitrous oxide-oxygen analgesia in AZ the dentist hygienist shall practice under the direct supervision of the dentist licensed pursuant to this chapter when performing these procedures and after completing a course of study recognized by the Board
What are the duties of the Dental Hygiene Committee? Advise Board members on all matters related to DH, provide ad hoc committees, request board consider recommendations for next meeting, provide advice to Board on standards and scope of practice of DH, committee should meet twice a year
According to the Rules, what is the definition of a prophylaxis? A scaling and polishing procedure performed on patients with healthy tissues to remove coronal plaque, calculus and stain
What is the definition of direct supervision for purposes of Article 7 only? A licensed dentist is present in the office and available to provide immediate treatment or care to a patient and observe a dental assistants work
Can a dental assistant legally fabricate and place interim restorations with temporary cement? YES
Can a dental assistant legally place or remove a rubber dam? YES
Can a dental assistant legally provide oral hygiene instructions? YES
Can a dental assistant legally apply fluoride? YES
Can a dental assistant legally polish teeth as part of a prophylaxis? YES
Can a dental assistant legally remove excess cement from a crown that has just been seated? YES
Can a dental assistant legally activate an orthodontic appliance? NO
Can a dental assistant legally apply sealants? YES
Can a dental assistant legally remove sutures? YES
Can a dental assistant legally expose radiographs? YES
What are the ways in which a dental assistant may obtain radiographic certification in Arizona? by passing an exam approved by the Board
How many hours of continuing education are required for the license renewal of dentists? 72 hours
How many hours of continuing education are required for the license renewal of dental hygienists? 54 hours
How many hours of continuing education are required for the license renewal of denturists? 24 hours
How many hours of continuing education are required for the license renewal of dental assistants? 0 hours
True/False: At least 4 hours of continuing educations for dental hygienists should be in the area of infectious diseases and infectious disease control? TRUE
True/False: If the licensee accrues more continuing education hours than necessary, the credits may be carried over for the next renewal period FALSE
True/False: CPR is not required as part of the continuing education requirements FALSE
True/False: Restricted permit holders do not have to complete any continuing education requirements FALSE
True/False: The Board will recognize a certain number of CE credits acquired through self-study instruction. If "true" up to how many credits for dental hygienists? Dentists? Denturists? TRUE; 24 hours for DH, 24 hours for Dentist, and 12 hours for Denturist
True/False: A dental hygienist may claim up to 24 CE credits of self-study TRUE
True/False: The Board will select a certain number of CE affidavits to audit each year. If audited, the licensee must provide the Board with documentation of attendance in support of the affidavit within 60 days TRUE
True/False: A complaintant, licensee, certificate holder, or business entity against whom a complaint is filed, shall not engage in ex-parte communication TRUE
True/False: A dentist is required to maintain the purchase and dispensing records of all drugs and devices for a period of 3 years TRUE
If a dentist determines that there has been a theft or loss of drugs or controlled substances from their office, how soon after must they notify their local law enforcement agency and the Board? Immediately
How long is a dentist required to retain a copy of a dnetal technician lab work order? 2 years from the date of issuance
How long must a lab tech retain an original lab work order? at least 1 year from date of issuance
In order for a dentist to advertise as a specialist, what criteria must be met? Grandfathered: declared specialty area before 12/31/1964. Educationally qualified 2 or more years in specialty, Board eligible: met guidelines of a specialty board. Board certified: met the requirements and received a certificate
In order to advertise specific services in a non-specialty area, what phrase must a dentist, dental hygienist or denturist include in the advertisement? "Services provided by an Arizona licensed general dentist"
Under what circumstances may the Board grant an extension of time to complete continuing education requirements? If the licensee or certificate holder fails to meeth the credit hour requirement b/c of military service, dental or religious missionary activity, residence in a foreign country, or other extenuating circumstances as determined by the Board
What categories of CE course work must be included within each triennial renewal period for dental hygienists? Dental and Medical health, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, DH Services, Perio disease, Implant Care, Maintainence of Restorations, Sealants, X-rays, Med. Em., CPR, DH practice organization & management, pt. mgmt, chemical dependancy, infection control
True/False: In order to administer general anesthesia a dentist must possess the proper permit TRUE
True/False: Before a permit to administer general anesthesia is issued, a site visit must be conducted by the Board at which time the dentist will actually administer anesthesia or sedation to a pt. TRUE
True/False: Dentists are required to keep all drugs secured in a locked cabinet or room and maintain an ongoing inventory of its contents TRUE
True/False: A person filing a complaint may not petition for a rehearing or review once the Board has ruled on the matter TRUE
What members make up an investigative interview committee? At least 1 dentist and 1 public member to conduct investigative interview. 1 panel member who is NOT a public member to serve as chairperson. At least 1 investigator shall be from area of practice or specialty. Ex: DH, Dental specialist, Denturist
This means that the dentist is present in the office while the dental hygienist is treating a patient and is available for consultation regarding procedures that the dentist authorizes and for which the dentist is responsible. "Direct supervision"
This means that the dentist is available for consultation, whether or not the dentist is in the dentist's office, over procedures that the dentist has authorized and for which the dentist remains responsible. "General supervision"
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