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Nationalism The belief that one's country is better than any other.
Militarism The glorification of war in which a nation strengthens its military stock piles weapons in preperation for war.
Appeasement giving in to an enimies demands in hopes of avoiding further conflict.
American Isolationsism America tried to keep to itself and not take sides.
Anti - Communism The opposite of communism.
Treaty of Versailles We made Germany mad by punishing them, making them accept all the blame for the war and pay millions of dollars.
Japanese Expansion Japan wanted to control the Pacific and surrounding countries.
Italy First European Dictatorship
Characteristics of the Nazi Party: Nationalistic and anticommunist
Attack on Pearl Harbor The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in order to knock out our strongest Naval Base. They also wanted to have complete control of the Pacific.
Internationalism the idea that trade between nations creates prosperity & helps prevent war.
Elements of Fascism: Nation was more important than the individuals.Also supported Mussolini and his rise to power.
Hitler Leader of Germany. Thought his country was the best, and tried to take over the world.
Evacuation at Dunkirk 338,000 British and French troops evacuated.
"Four Freedoms" Freedom of speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from want,Freedom from fear.
Created by: EMACG