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The Color Purple SG

Ms. Pounds' Review for test

Who is Celie? she's the main character; writes epistols to God, some of the book is from her point of view.
Who is Nettie? Celie's sister, the pretty, smart family member
Who is Mr.? Celie's husband; real name is Albert.
Why does Celie call Albert Mr.? 1.He's a generalization of all men and they're all the same to Celie2.The author shows that Celie has some power of him by letting her strip him of his identity.
Who is Shug Avery? Real name Sugar, a blues nightclub singer; Mr's mistress; embodies female sexuality
Who is Grady? Shug's husband; has a "thing" for Squeak; pothead
Who is Harpo? Mr.'s oldest son; has a dif mother (Annie Julia); marries Sofia; wants pwr over women
Who is Sofia? A strong-willed woman who will fight for pwr; Harpo's wife.
Who is Squeak? Harpo's lover, real name Mary Agnes
Who is Alphonso/Phonso? Celie and Nettie's stepdad
Who is Samuel? A minister who becomes an African missionary; married to Corrine, unknowingly houses Celie's kids (to her father); eventually marries Nettie
Who is Corrine? Samuel's wife; very intuitiv; spends a lot of time in Africa worrying about Samuel cheating on her w/ Nettie, doesn't trust Nettie; dies in Africa
Who are Olivia and Adam? Samuel and Corrine's children, young when they move to Africa; in reality are Celie's children to her father
Who is Tashi? African girl who befriends Olivia and later marries Adam
Who is Miss Millie? The first white character, the mayor's wife
Who is Eleanor Jane? Miss Millie&the mayor's daughter; doesn't understand racism b/c grows up in different generation than her parents
Who are Kate and Carrie? Mr.'s sisters
Who is Henrietta? Sofia's sixth child; has bad health (blood clots and is tempermental); Harpo's fav child, so he's sad when he discover's she's the prizefighter's child
Who wrote The Color Purple? Alice Walker
Where&when was the author born? Rural Georgia in 1944
What were Alice's parents' profession? Sharecroppers
What happened to Alice when she was 8? How did this affect her life? Her brother shot her in the eye w/ a gun, went blind in one eye. She became isolated but went to colllege on a handicap scholarship
What two movements was Walker involved in? Womens' Rights Movement (Feminism) and Civil Rights Movement (racism)
What two awards did The Color Purple receive? Pulitzer Prize and American Book Award
What style is The CP written in? Epistolary Style (epistol-letter written to someone, usu religious)
Why does Alphonso rape Celie? Celie's mother is unable to meet his sexual needs
Why does Celie write her letters to God? If her mom found out about her father raping her, she'd die. And Alphonso says not to tell anyone but God.
Why does Celie show no anger about her situation? She's not educated enough to know a sense of injustice, so she just suffers through the abuse and doesn't say anything
What does Celie think has happened to her children? She thinks Alphonso sold them or killed them
Why does Celie's mother die cursing her? She thinks Celie is sleeping around
What types of things do men in the novel seem to value in a wife? Their ability to cook, clean, work hard, fulfill sexual desire. DO NOT like their ability to have children
What is Celie's purpose for writing this book/letters? To find the meaning and purpose in her life
Why do we not know Albert's name at first? She does not think that he is important enough to deserve a name and he represents all men that abuse and scare Celie
Why can Celie no longer have children? She has internal damage from being raped
Why does Albert kick Nettie out of his house? He was harassing her and she stood up for herself (men don't like independent women)
Celie claims that she does not know how to fight, she simply knows how to survive. Why doesn't Celie fight? She's afraid Albert will kill her if she rebels
What does Nettie mean when she tells Celie that seeing her w/ Albert is like seeing her buried? Mr. is burying her voice and identity
Why does Celie assume that Nettie is dead? Celie never receives a letter from her, and Nettie said when they were parting that nothing but death can keep her from writing
What do the colors red and purple symbolize? Red- passion, happiness, liveliness; purple- royalty, pwr
When Celie tries to thank Kate for the new dress, she cannot find the words to do so. Why can't Celie thank Kate? She's never had an opportunity to say thank you and she's too uneducated to find the words for her emotions
What survival tactic does Celie use during abusive situations? Act like a tree
What does Celie mean when she says that she understands why trees are afraid of men? Trees are afraid to be cut down by men but don't have a voice to protest
What does Harpo do to ensure that he can marry Sofia? Impregnates her
Harpo and Sofia march up the road hand in hand. What does this say about their relationship? That they must fight for their love and sofia is in charge
Why does Harpo beat Sofia? His culture tells him to
how are shug and sofia alike? They refuse to marry weak men, are strong, don't care what ppl think of them
Why does Celie tell Harpo to beat Sofia? She's jealous that Sofia can stand up for herself. Also, Celie knows no other way of life than abuse
How is harpo a parallel to his father? abusive to women, can't stand up to their own fathers,suffer verbal abuse
Why is Shug initially rude to Celie? Jealous that celie married albert and she didn't
What attracts Celie to Shug? Beauty, happiness, independence. Shug treated Celie as a person (Albert treated her as his slave)
What are some scenarios that demonstrate male dominance in the novel? abuse; albert controlling his children; Olinka: men determine who is educateed (not women), bride price.
What causes Albert and Celie to become closer throughout the novel? their common love for Shug
What is the result of harpo's abuse of sofia? their marriage was damaged and they lost intimacy
why does Harpo begin to eat excessively? he wants to become bigger so that he has a fair fight against sofia
what does the yellow dress that shug offers Clie for her quilt symbolize? the happiness the shug brings into celie's life
celie tells shug that she knows that Albert only beats her because she is not shug. what does this statement say about celie's self-awareness? she's becoming more aware to her surrroundings and how the world works. she is better able to interpret her situation
when celie claims it feels like albert is "doing his business" when he has sex w/ her, what does she mean? she feels like an object and feels no intimacy
what is shug's definition of a virgin? how is this definition empowering to celie? someone who has not experienced pleasure during sex. celie feels like she has a clean slate
why does Celie cry when she hears shug and albert making love? she wants to have a long, meaningful, and loving relationship w/ someone
3 times Sofia tells Squeak she is fine w/ leaving harpo alone. why is her willingness to give harpo up again significant? sofia telling harpo that she doesn't need him to show she's an independent woman and make him chase after her. robs him of his pwr over her
what's significant about celie telling squeak to demand that harpo call her by her real name? women deserve respect. celie is empowering squeak like shug empowered her
for what does sofia go to jail? hitting the mayor.
after reading about what happened to sofia, what can the reader infer is walker's pt about fighting for what you believe to be right? fighting is necessary; the consequences are worth it but aren't always positiver
what kind of cruel and unusual punishment does sofia have to endure? sleeping naked on a cold, hard, concrete floor w/ bugs, snakes, and rats nearby
why does squeak learn to respect sofia? sofia has endured torture and fought for oppressed black women (she's a hero)
why does squeak's white uncle, the warden, rape her? he does it to feel pwrful, put her in her place, and den any relation to her
what method does squeak use to tell her story? singing
why is it difficult for squeak to find a place to fit into in her culture? biracial, so not accepted by blacks or whites
why does sofia not feel any love for Eleanor Jane? she's white; sofia had to raise her when she couldn't raise her own children
what sorts of things does miss millie say is improper conduct btw whites and blacks? it's improper for a white and black person to sit side by side in a car (unless the black person is teaching the white person to drive); improper for white woman to ride in a car w/ a strange black man
why doesn't celie like grady? jealous, mad he uses shug's money
why does shug marry grady? realizes she'll never marry albert
what causes shug to fall out of love w/ albert? he isn't fun anymore, lazy, beats women
what's important about the idea that celie feels like sleeping with shug is "like sleeping w/ mama or nettie?" Shug and celie's relationship is based on comfort, security, family, safety, and nurturing
why does shug continue to have an affair w/ albert after he marries annie julia? to spite annie julia b/c albert loves albert loves shug, not annie julia
how does edu. play an important role in nettie's life? edu. helps african trade
why does nettie think that god sent her to samuel and corrine? she thinks he sent her to watch over celie's children
what is significant about nettie's route back to africa? its the reversal of the trade route, symbolizes her return to her roots
what's inspirational about nettie's Harlem experience? shows her that african americans can be financially independent, hope for af-amers to be successful
why does nettie say the africans have suffered from diseases and spiritual confusion? they sold their ancestors to slavery
what group of ppl settled in liberia? free african-americans
Walker uses nettie's story about africa to make what point about oppression? oppression is everywhere
why does shug not want Celie to kill albert? Celie would be sinking to the men's level, jailed, Nettie coming home, Shug doesn't want to be left alone w/ grady
what do celie's pants represent? freedom and pwr
what kind of god is the roofleaf to the protector ppl? protector god
how are the olinka ppl similar to the african american ppl? both suffer from white oppression, women thrive in communities, women belong to men (Male dominance)
what are some problems in he novel that are a result of a lack of communication? celie lives her life thinking nettie's dead, olinka make samuel angry b/c they're still mad about slavery, corrine thinks that olivia and adam are samuel and nettie's children, celie worries about her children's health
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