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quiz words 9-12

general ap

erg work
fasc bundle
-gram written record
hyper- over
inter- between
iso- equal
laten- hidden
myo- muscle
reticul- net
sacro- flesh
syn- together
teten stiff
-tonic stretched
troph- well feed
voluntary- of one's free will
astr- star like
dendr- tree
-lemm rind
moto- moving
oligo- few
peri- all around
sens- feeling
cephal- head
chiasm- cross
flacc- flabby
gangi- swelling
mening- membrane
plex- interweaving
aud- to hear
coclea- snail
iris- rainbow
lut- yellow
macula spot
malle- hammer
oculi eye
olfact- to smell
photo- light
sclera- hard
tympan- drum
vitre- glass
Created by: heatheryohn