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Italian/Latin Number

Practice Italian to Latin to English Cardinal Numbers

duo, duae, duo due two
tres, tria tre three
quattuor quattro four
quinque cinque five
sex sei six
septem sette seven
octo otto eight
novem nove nine
decem dieci ten
undecim undici eleven
duodecim dodici twelve
tredecim tredici thirteen
quattuordecim quattuordici fourteen
quindecim quindici fifteen
sedecim sedici sixteen
septendecim diciassette seventeen
duodeviginti diciotto eighteen
undeviginti diciannove nineteen
viginti venti twenty
viginti unus ventuno twentyone
vigtinti duo ventidue twentytwo
viginti tres ventitre twentythree
viginti quattuor ventiquattro twentyfour
viginti quinque venticinque twentyfive
viginti sex ventisei twentysix
viginti septem ventisette twentyseven
duodetriginta ventotto twentyeight
undetriginta ventinove twentynine
triginta trenta thirty
quadraginta quaranta forty
quinquaginta cinquanta fifty
sexaginta sessanta sixty
septuaginta settanta seventy
octoginta ottanta eighty
nonaginta novanta ninety
centum cento one hundred
unus, a, um uno one
Created by: kimashcraft