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10 codes 18-99

10-18 Quickly
10-19 Return to..
10-20 location
10-21 call.. by telephone
10-22 disregard
10-23 arrived on scene
10-24 Assignment completed
10-25 Report in person
10-26 detaining subject, expedite
10-27 driver's license info
10-28 vehicle registration info
10-29 check for wanted
10-30 unnecessary use of radio
10-31 crime in progress
10-32 man w/gun
10-34 riot
10-35 major crime alert
10-37 investigate suspicious vehicle
10-38 stopping suspicious vehicle
10-39 Urgent/ use of lights and siren
10-40 Silent/ run no lights or siren
10-41 beginning tour of duty
10-42 ending tour of duty
10-43 information
10-45 animal carcass at..
10-46 assist motorist
10-47 emergency road repair
10-48 traffic standard repair at..
10-49 traffic light out at..
10-50 accident
10-51 wrecker needed
10-52 ambulance needed
10-53 road blocked at..
10-54 livestock on highway
10-55 intoxicated driver
10-56 intoxicated pedestrian
10-57 hit and run
10-58 direct traffic
10-59 convoy or escort
10-60 squad in vicinity
10-61 personnel in area
10-62 reply to message
10-63 prepare to make written copy
10-64 message for local delivery
10-65 net message assignment
10-66 message cancellation
10-67 clear for net message
10-68 dispatch info
10-69 message received
10-70 fire alarm
10-71 advise nature of fire
10-72 report progres on fire
10-73 smoke report
10-74 negative
10-75 in contact with
10-76 en route
10-77 ETA
10-78 need assistance
10-79 notify coroner
10-80 chase in progress
10-81 breathalyzer report
10-82 reserve lodging
10-83 work school x-ing at..
10-84 if meeting.. ETA
10-85 delayed due to
10-86 officer/operator on duty
10-87 pick up/dist. checks
10-88 present tele. number
10-89 bomb threat
10-90 bank alarm at..
10-91 pick up prisoner
10-92 improper parked vehicle
10-93 blockade
10-94 drag racing
10-95 in custody
10-96 mental subject
10-97 check signal
10-98 prison break
10-99 wanted/stolen
Created by: razorback71854