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LAS Values

LAS Our Values

What are the CRITICAL Values? Clincal Excellence, Respect & courtesy, Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation and flexibility, Communication, Accept responsibility, Leade
C Clinical excellence - We will demonstrate total commitment to the provision of the highest standard of patient care. Our services and activities will be ethical, kind, compasionate, considerate and appropriate to patient' needs
R Respect and courtesy - We will value diversity and will treat everyone as they would wish to be treated, with respect and courtesy
I Integrity - We will observe high standards of behaviour and conduct, making sure we are honest, open and genuine at all times and ready to stand up for what is right.
T Teamwork - We will promote teamwork by taking the views of others into account. We will take a genuine interest in those who we work with, offering support, guidance and encouragement when it is needed.
I Innovation and flexibility - We will continuously look for better ways of doing things, encouraging initiative, learn from mistakes, monitor how things are going and be prepared to change when we need to.
C Communication - We will make ourselves available to those who need to speak to us and communicate face to face whenever we can, listening carefully to what is said to us and making sure that those we work witha re kept up to date and understand what is go
A Accept responisbility - We will be responsible for our own decisions and actions as we strice to constantly improve.
L Leadership and direction - We will demosnstrate energy, drive and detemination especially when things get difficult, and always lead by example.
Created by: pburke1