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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
LAS Burns Burns, Scalds & Corrosive Injuries Paramedic/EMT 2016-09-11 pburke1 6 2 edit
Clinical Governance LAS Clinical Governance Paramedic/EMT 2010-03-13 pburke1 4 1 edit
LAS Rank Markings Crown Laurel Leaf Pips Paramedic/EMT 2010-03-13 pburke1 18 1 edit
RIDDOR Reporting of Injuries, Diseases & Dangerous Occurrences Regulations Paramedic/EMT 2010-03-13 pburke1 6 1 edit
EOC Code of Conduct LAS EOC Code of Conduct Paramedic/EMT 2010-03-13 pburke1 3 1 edit
LAS Values LAS Our Values Paramedic/EMT 2010-03-14 pburke1 9 1 edit
Combustion Triangle LAS Fire Classifications & Types of Extinguishers Paramedic/EMT 2010-03-14 pburke1 15 1 edit
LAS AS1 & AS3 LAS AS1 & AS3 Response Times & Key Standards Paramedic/EMT 2010-03-14 pburke1 11 1 edit
Golden Rule LAS First Aid Golden Rule Paramedic/EMT 2010-03-14 pburke1 1 1 edit
Hypoxia Causes, Signs & Syptoms of Hypoxia Paramedic/EMT 2010-03-14 pburke1 3 1 edit
Airway Obstruction What are the causes, signs & symptoms of Airway Obstruction Paramedic/EMT 2010-03-14 pburke1 3 0 edit
O2 Air & Blood Description of Inspired/Expired Air, Arteries, Veins & Capillaries & Bleeding Paramedic/EMT 2010-03-14 pburke1 10 1 edit
Types of wounds Define types of Wounds (CLIPSGG) Paramedic/EMT 2020-04-04 pburke1 8 2 edit
LAS Shock Definition, Causes, Signs, Symptoms & Treatment of Shock Paramedic/EMT 2020-04-04 pburke1 4 2 edit
LAS Stroke Definition of Stroke Paramedic/EMT 2010-03-14 pburke1 2 1 edit
Fainting Fainting & Causes of Unconsciousness FISHSHAPED & AVPU Paramedic/EMT 2018-08-19 pburke1 15 2 edit
GCS What is the Glasgow Coma Scale? Paramedic/EMT 2010-03-14 pburke1 3 1 edit
Soft Tissue Injuries Soft tissue injuries & Treatment Paramedic/EMT 2010-03-14 pburke1 6 1 edit
LAS Fractures Fracture Classifications, Signs & Symptoms Paramedic/EMT 2020-04-04 pburke1 14 2 edit
Rank Markings LAS Rank Markings Paramedic/EMT 2010-03-15 pburke1 36 1 edit
LAS Organisation LAS Areas & Sector Desks Paramedic/EMT 2010-03-15 pburke1 2 1 edit

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