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C722 - module 11, 12

Project Management

project life cycle phases defining, planning, executing, closing
phase 1 - defining there will likely be few people involved in the initial development of the project proposal and the evaluation of which projects will be undertaken
phase 2 - planning subject matter experts may be added to the project team in order to carefully plan and budget the activities that will need to be completed
phase 3 - executing large numbers of people may be added to the project in order to complete the work
phase 4 - closing the team members will have completed the major work and a smaller team may remain to turn the results over to the customer
project scope is a written statement summarizing the work that will be completed to provide a project outcome that will meet the customer or sponsor’s requirements
project justification is a statement explaining the business need for the project. This is sometimes referred to as the business case.
project sponsor The person in the project organization who has authority to expend resources for projects
project charter a contract for the project which summarizes all the key information about the project
iterative processes where new information may come to light that requires that the initial scope be modified
monitoring & controlling During the monitoring process, if the project manager detects that the project is not being executed as planned, they may need to intercede in order to correct the situation
statement of work (SOW) the same as the project scope - what the result of the project is desired to be
scope is the number and type of features or functions
time the calendar time when something will be available, and the work time required to produce or procure the item
cost is the dollar expression of scope and time with an addition for money to be spent on meeting quality expectations
scope creep Scope creep occurs when there are any—but particularly small—incremental additions to the project scope that are not subject to the formal scope change process
scope reduction
project baseline determines what is included in the scope, functional requirements, business needs, and stakeholders
project quality is how well the feature meets the requirements of a scope or function
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