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Comprehensive DHYG

Comprehensive DHYG review for National Board

Define Type I perio class according the American Association of Periodontology gingivitis
Define Type II Perio early periodontitis, with slight bone loss. There is usually a slight loss of connective tissue attachment and alveolar bone.
Define Type III moderate periodontitis, noticeable loss of bone support, possibly accompanied by an increase in tooth mobility. There may be furcation involvement in multirooted teeth.
Sodium fluoride rinse had a lower fluoride content than the gel. True or False True
A fluoride that may be astringent and cause burning of the oral mucosa. Stannous Fluoride
A single application of acidulated phosphate fluoride is more effective than 4 applications of sodium fluoride and easier to tolerate. True or False True
Which fluoride requires 4 applications to be as effective as 1 applications of Acidulated phosphate fluoride Sodium Fluoride
List 4 complications of Sjogren's syndrome Fissured tongue, intraoral yeast infections, burning mucosa and increase in dental caries, however, NOT salivary glands
A common side effect of Prozac is? Xerostomia
A lifesaver like enlargement of the marginal gingiva Festooned
Interdental necrosis with ulceration of the papillae? Cratering
Localized recession which is usually V-shaped or slit like and may extend several mm toward the mucogingival junction or even through it. Clefting
Papillae that are mushroom-shaped, red and scattered on the dorsal surface of the tongue. These papillae are responsible for sensing sweet, sour and salty Fungiform
Located in a V formation on the posterior section of the dorsal surface of the tongue and contain taste buds for bitter Circumvallet papillae
Papillae that are whitish, hair like projections on the dorsal surface of the tongue Filliform papillae
Papillae that is found on the posterior lateral border of the tongue and are responsible for sour and acidic taste follate
An area-specific curet designed to scale and root plane anterior teeth. Gracey 1/2
An area-specific curet designed to be used on the mesial surfaces of posterior teeth. Gracey 11/12
An area-specific curet designed to be used on the distal surfaces of posterior teeth. Gracey 13/14
A universal curet designed for the mesial and distal surfaces of posterior teeth. Columbia 13/14
Polishing can produce a bacteremia, True or False True
Implants that are placed within the bone. Endosteal
Implants that are made of a custom-fabricated metal framework that rests over the bone of the mandible or maxilla. Subperiostal
Implants that consist of a metal plate that is placed in the lower border of the mandible and has pins extending toward the occlusal surface. Transosteal
Film that has been exposed to light would appear how? completely dark
The orbit is formed by which bones? (there are 7) ethmoid, sphenoid, frontal, zygomatic, maxilla, lacrimal and palatine bone
What muscle controls the lateral excursion of the mandible? The lateral pterygoid
What muscle elevates the mandible and closes the mouth. The medial pterygoid
Name 2 actions of the lateral pterygoid pulls the condyle forward and aids in protrusion and depression of the mandible.
What muscle pulls up on the coronoid process and elevates the mandible and closes the mouth. Temporal
What muscle pulls the larynx down when contracted? SternoTHyroid
What muscle pulls the lateral edges or borders of the tongue down onto the floor of the mouth. hypoglossus
what muscle aids in protrusion, retrusion, or depression of the tongue? Genioglossus
what muscle elevates the posterior part of the tongue and pulls it slightly backward? Palatoglossus
During which weeks of development do the 2 maxillary processes fuse with the primary palate? What week is the process completed? Begins during 6-7 week and ends in the 11th week
If a cleft palate is going to develop during what weeks of development would it happen? somewhere between 7 & 11
Of the 4 functional cusps, which one is smallest and shortest? Mesiobuccal, distobuccal, mesiolingual or distobuccall? distolingual is the smallest and shortest
Which teeth are considered nonsuccedaneous? Molars, because they do not have primary predecessors
Of the mandibular lateral incisor and central incisor, which root is slightly wider, thicker and longer? The mandibular lateral incisor
What sort of disorder is present at birth and can be either inherited and developmental? Congenital disorder
What sort of defect is an abnormality in the genetic makeup of an individual and is transmitted from parent to offspring through the egg or sperm? Genetic or inherited defect
What sort of defect is a failure or disturbance that occurs during the development of the human body. Developmental Defect
What organelle provides the chief source of energy for the cell? Mitochondria =energy
Which membrane-bound organelles are responsible for the breakdown of foreign substances that are engulfed by the cell. Lysosomes
which organelle synthesizes secretory products and functions in intercellular transport and storage. Endoplasmic reticulum
What is the function of microfilaments? Microfilaments act as a support system for the cell cytoskeleton.
What is the chief function of the hypothalamus? the integration of autonomic nerve impulses and the regulation of certain endocrine functions. This includes body temperature, hunger and satiety and blood osmotic pressure.
Cushings syndrome is caused by hypersecretion of adrenocorticotropic hormone by the Pituitary gland. T or F True
Chromosome replication occurs during which state of mitosis? Interphase
What happens during the metaphase of mitosis? chromosomes are arranged almost symmetrically at both sides of the center of the cell.
During which phase of mitosis do the chromosomes begin to line up Prophase
During which 2 phases are the chromatids in the process of splitting? Anaphase and telophase
What defines the number of mitochondria present in a cell? The energy needs of the particular cell defines the number mitochondria
Which vitamin provides clotting in the blood? Vitamin K
Of the following list of which element is not involved in the growth and formation of bones and teeth. Phosphorus, calcium, chlorine, magnesium, and potassium Chlorine is not involved with the growth and formation of bones and teeth.
A deficiency of what vitamin can extensive damage to the nervous and cardiovascular systems, loss of taste and appetite, and an increased sensitivity and burning sensation of oral mucosa. Thiamine
A deficiency in what vitamin can cause a failure of bones to heal? Vitamin D
Vitamin A is a fat soluble cell. T or F True
What is the function of the plasma membrane? It surrounds the cell and controls the passage of material in and out of the cell.
What part of the cell gives the cell its shape and protects the cytoplasm from osmotic pressure differences. It is also the primary "sieve" in the transport of molecules into the cell. The cell wall
What is the function of pili? hairlike appendages on many gram-negative bacteria that function primarily in the transfer of genetic material between bacteria, as well as in adherence.
What is the outer layer of cells that is responsible for the ultimate survival and interaction of the cell with its environment. The capsule
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