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What is an emergency? A sudden, generally unexpected occurrence that demands immediate attention.
In a dental office what do most emergencies deal with? Trauma to the patient.
What is the most common problems that may occur in a dental office? Anxiety attacks, heart attacks, and frinting.
What is an anxiety attack? A physical reaction caused by stress.
What should you do if you suspect a serious emergency is ocurring? Get help.
Where should emergency numbers for fire, hospital, and police ect. be posted? Near the phone where they will be easy to find.
How should you as a D.A. react during an emergency? It is important to remain calm.
What are some signs of an anxiety attack? Sweating, Nausea/vomiting, Rapid breathing, Rapid or irregular heart beat.
What basic information should you provide, when calling in an emergency, to an emergency service? Gender, age, medical problems, and what is happening.
What type of a document should be filled out if an emergency occurs? Incident report.
A cracked or broken tooth is considered what type of an emergency? Minor emergency.
Who must make the decision reguarding the correct treatment of the patient in question, with the emergency? D.D.S.
What is the best way you can help a patient and fellow team members? Being prepared for an emergency.
What is the first thing you should do for a patient experiencing an anxiety attack? Encourage the patient to breathe slowly.
What is more important then knowing what to do in case of an emergency? Knowing how to prevent emergencies.
Why is it important to recognize an emergency? The patient is usually reluctant to ask for help when they are having a problem.
Participants actually reacting as they would in an emergency situation is call what? Active Drills.
The act of asking team members to explain how they would respond in a given situation. Inactive Drills
An idividual who are required by law to report suspicions of child abuse to the proper authorities is called? Mandated reporter
What is the chronic failure to provide basic needs. Neglect.
What is nonaccidental injury? Physical abuse.
An attack on ones self image is called what? Emotional abuse.
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