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Hafa bidada-mu? What are you doing?
Pues adios esta otro biahe. Goodbye, until next time.
chago’ far
Akkague left
agapa' right
papa' down
hulo' up
kahulo' get up
tunok papa' get down
yengyong shake
Hanom water
tano land
tasi ocean
atdao sun
taotao people
tataotao body
kuttura culture
ulu head
gapotulu hair
guieng nose
attilong black
apaka white
kulot color
kulot kahet orange
kulot chikulati brown
kulto di rosa pink
agaga red
gachong friend
mata face/eyes
pachot mouth
papakes nails
kalulot fingers
padong fall
adahi be careful/watch out
fagasi i kannai-mu wash your hands
kietu keep still
famatkilu be quiet
ekonguk listen
sigi go on
sigi mo'na go ahead
sigi magi come here
maila come
maila magi come here
chiku yu kiss me
hanao chiku yan toktok si nanan biha go kiss and hug grandma
Hafa un tungo pa'go na ha'ani leia gi eskuela-mu? What did you learn from school today?
I'm sorry
si yu'us ma'ase thank you
Ai na minagof yu sa kimento sit ta'lo Oh, I'm so happy that we talkedd together again.
maolek ha It was good
maolek yu I'm good
sanhilo' above
gi sanhilo' on top of
tunok papa guenao get down from there
malagu hao humanao pat guma nanan-biha do you want to go to grandma's house?
nihi tahanao para i tenda let's go to the store
kao nalong hao are you hungry?
munga ma pacha enao don't touch that
huchong gi peta pot fabot close the door please
para manu hao? where are you going?
chule' magi bring it here
bulachu drunk
saka liberate/free
mannok chicken
munga humanao gi gima don't leave the house
muyo' puckered lips, protruded lips - when angry or displeased; pout. "Wipe that muyo' off your face!"
taya nothing
maipe' hot (wather-wise)
pika hot/spicy (food-wise)
taitai read
tuge' write
Esta ora kumida It is time to eat
atrasao late, tardy, not on time
taigue absent, not here
tinina praise, blessing
tisu erect, rigid, stiff, taut
tommo knee
tommon kannai elbow
patas feet
estomagu stomach
ha'i forehead
sehas eyebrows
nifen teeth
hunggan yes
ahe' no
munhayan finish, complete
munga don't
I na'an hu si.... My name is....
patgon child, kid, baby
neni baby
famagu'on children
petna thigh
patas leg
addeng leg
nihi let's
aguagua naughty
hanao go/leave
kulot apu gray
betde green
fi'on near
sakkan year
falagu run
famokkat walk
fakkai fight
malago' want
otro other, else, different, additional, another
hafa otro? what else is there?
kao guaha otro ta'lo? Is there another one?
otrona na sakkan year after year
otro na mes next month
pacha touch
ohala thankful, how thankful or grateful one may be
ngofngof blow nose
mapot difficult
chatsaga difficult, hard
che'lu sibling, brother, sister
basula trash
hatsa lift
baba bad
baba open
tutuhon start, commence, begin, set out
aga bananas
uhang shrimp
sodda' find, come upon, gain the us of
sotta release, set free, make free, let go
isa rainbow
ha'ani day
talo'ani afternoon
hita we, us
hayi na'an-mu? What's your name?
hayi na'an-mu hiya? What's your name again?
hinasso thought, mind, memory, idea, opinion, imagination
hasso think, imagine, envisage, remember
hayi? who?
gofli'e like, befriend, love
hu guaiya hao I love you
hu guaiya hao lokkue I love you too
hu guaiya hao mas I love you more
malingu lost, disappeared, vanished, missing
maleffa forgot
minaleffa oblivion
maigo' sleep
maisa alone, self
makmata wake up
maleffa yu' I forgot
mamalao ashamed
bahaki work clothes
-mami ours, possessive us
Patgon-mami este. This is our child.
mangge where?
mapotge pregnant
Created by: jaynina



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