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FOL Packet 2

Sentences with active or passive voice.

Mr. Smithers sincerely appreciates your work on his project. active
The giant map was hung on the wall in our classroom. passive
If possible, change the meeting date to next Friday. active
His car was stolen by Blake last Saturday afternoon. passive
Meghan's bright pink sweatshirt was stained with blue ink. passive
Mike spotted Tom across the campus parking lot. active
Bill and Elizabeth dated for six months. active
My paper was proofread by Shelly during Written Communication class. passive
Can you substitute for me on Friday? active
Nick practiced juggling with apples and oranges. active
Write your rough draft before Thursday's class period. active
On the classroom wall were hanging several pieces of students' art work. passive
The science test was written at midnight by the sleepy teacher. passive
The apartment building was set on fire by a nine-year-old boy. passive
As a prank, Pete moved his brother's car to a different parking lot. active
On Friday my Speech class met in the Media Center. active
A new furnace was donated to the retirement home. passive
Screaming teenagers met the popular singer at the airport. active
A stack of research material was left on my desk sometime today. passive
Don's great idea was not approved by the boss. passive
Billing procedures were improved over the last two years. passive
Bill and Becky Charles purchased a house in Milwaukee. active
Her silver bracelet was found lying on the sink in the bathroom. passive
Bring salads, entrees, vegetables, and desserts for the potluck. active
Read the chapter, and view the video before class. active
Created by: jstruss