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Invertebrate review

Science 7 - Chapter 9 Concepts and Challenges in Life Science

What do we call the ability to re-grow lost body parts? Regeneration
What are the stages of complete metamorphosis? egg - larva - pupa - adult
What are the stages of incomplete metamorphosis? egg - nymph - adult
What is a nymph? A miniature version of the adult
What do we call organisms that feed on or harm the organisms that they live on? Parasites
What is the radula? A rough tongue like organ that is used by many mollusks to get food
What are three characteristics of arthropods? They have an exoskeleton, jointed legs, a segmented body and an open circulatory system.
What two phyla are made up of organisms that have two cell layers with a jelly like layer in between? Porifera (sponges) and Cnidaria
What is metamorphosis? The changes in form and size that occur during the stages of development in organisms like insects.
What structures do echinoderms use to move and capture their food? Tube feet
What are the three tissue layers found in the body of a worm? Endoderm - inner layer; Mesoderm - middle layer; Ectoderm - outer layer
What are the two body forms of cnidarians? Medusa (jellyfish) and polyp (sea anemone)
What are the hard, needle like structures that are found in sponges? spicules
What types of organisms have exoskeleton? Arthropods - examples= insects, arachnids, crustaceans
All cnidarians have special cells in their tentacles. What are those cells called? Cnidocytes or nematocysts
What phylum does the planarian belong to? Platyhelminthes (flatworms)
What phylum do animals like squid, clams and octopus belong to ? Mollusks
What is the name of the middle section of an arthropods body? thorax
What are the setae of an earthworm? Setae are the tiny bristles on each segment that help the earthworm move
What are the specialized cells that are found in sponges and have flagella called? collar cells
What are some features that parasites have that help them attach to their host? Hooks and suckers
What is the only invertebrate animal that we have studied that has a closed circulatory system? The earthworm
What organism did we study that had five hearts? The earthworm
What type of organism has pores that help it eat? Sponges (poriferans)
What type of worm was a hermaphodite (has both male and female parts)? Earthworm
Where do sponges live? In the ocean
What are the names of the three phyla of worms that we learned about? platyhelminthes (flatworms); nematoda (roundworms) ; annelida (segmented worms)
Give three examples of parasites. Tick, tapeworm, leech, heartworm, hookworm
What is the name of the roundworm phylum? Nematoda
What are the three main classes of mollusks? Gastropods (one part shell, snail); Bivalvia (two part shells, clams); Cephalopods (little or no shell, squid)
What body part in mollusks becomes the shell? The mantle
What phylum does a clam belong to? Mollusk
What phylum do lobsters belong to? Arthropods
What phylum do sand dollars belong to? Echinoderms
What phylum do planaria belong to? Platyhelminthes
What phylum do jellyfish belong to? Cnidarians
What phylum do sponges belong to? Porifera
What phylum do squid belong to? Mollusk
What phylum do spiders belong to? Arthropods
Which of the invertebrate phyla has the largest number of different species? Arthropods
Which phylum do heartworms belong to? Nematoda
Which phylum do segmented worms belong to? Annelids
What does the word annelid mean? Little rings
What does the word echinoderm mean? Spiny skin
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