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Restorative Material


A mixture of metals. Alloy
A soft metal made of alloy mixed with mercury to use as a filling material. Amalgam
The process by wich a tooth colored resin is bonded to a tooth surface. Bonding
Tooth colored filling material made of silica or porcelain particles interlaced with liquid resin. Composite resin
Chemical or physical process that improves the properties of a dental material. Curing
Silica or porcelain particles that add strength to composite resins. Filler
Electic shock due to two different metals coming in contact. Galvanic
A filling made to fit a prepared cavity cemented or bonded in place. Inlay
The property of being shaped and formed under pressure without breaking. Malleability
The binding substance that holds filler particles together. Matrix
A filling that covers one or more cusps of a tooth. Onlay
A soft silver white tarnish resistant naturally occuring metal related to platinum. Palladium
A silver white nonprecious metal that does not corrode in air. Platinum
The mixing of mercury and alloy to form amalgam. Trituration
Resistance of a material to flow. Viscosity
The soaking of an object with a liquid. Wetting
Surface discoloration that occurs over time but can be polished away. Tarnish
Small leaks between the restoration and the natural tooth stucture. Microleakage
Any push or pull acting on an object. Force
The force applied to deform or stain a material. Stress
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