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MOD 4 Dental Materia

Lab Materials

An electrical current occurs when two dissimilar metals come in contact with each other Galvanism
A chemical process causing two materials to harden together Polymerization
A piece of Dental equipment designed to reproduce movements of the mandible Articulator
Irreversible hydrocolloid impression material Alginate
Placing wax on impression trays either for patient comfort or extension of the tray Beading
Mixing this cement requires mixing over a large area in a figure 8 rotary motion Zinc phosphate cement
A common type of calcium hydroxide is also known by its manufacturer' name Dycal
An imprint of the patients occlusion Wax Bite Registration
Disposable impression tray with a plastic frame and gauze inserts Triple tray
Metal impression tray with holes or cuts in them Perforated tray
An impression tray made specifically for a patient Custom tray
A generic name for irreversible hydrocolloid Alginate
What happens to the setting time of the alginate if you mix with warm water Sets faster
A replica of the patient's teeth, hard and soft tissues used for study or observation Study Models
Ratio of water to powder for model plaster 50ml-100g
Weakest of the gypsum products Plaster
Measurement for the base on an ideal Study Cast 1/2 inch
The final set time for plaster is 45 min
What are alginate impressions most commonly used for Study Models
What is the ideal temperature for water when mixing alginate Rooom temperature