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Venatio I

Cambridge Latin Course Stage 19 Venatio Part One

Barbillus me et Aristonem ad venationem invitavit Barbillus invited Aristo and me to the hunt.
mane vilivum Phormionem cum multis servis emisit. In the morning he sent out Phormio the manager with many slaved
Phormio secum duos heados duxit. Phormio took two young goats with him.
sed, ubi e villa discedebamus, astrologus Barbilli commotus ad nos cucurrit. But, when we were leaving the house, the astrologer of Barbillus, alarmed, ran to us.
'Domine, qyo festinas?' clamavit. “Master, where are you rushing to?” he shouted.
'cur e villa hodie exire vis?' “Why do you want to leave the house today?”
'ad praedium meum iter facimus', Barbillus astrologus respondit. “We are making a journey to my estate,” Barbillus responded to the astrologer.
'sed, domine,' inquit astrologus, 'immemor es. periculosum est tibit hodie e villa exire, quod hodie sol Arieti appropinquat. “But, master,” said the astrologer, “You are forgetful. It is dangerous for you to go out of the house today, because the sun approaches Aries today.”
ubi hoc audivi, astrologum derisi. When I heard this, I mocked the astrologer.
Barbillus, quamquam ei credebat, me offendere noluit. Barbillus, although he trusted him, did not want to displease me.
postquam rem diu cogitavit,'mihi placet exire', inquit After he considered the thing for a long time, he said, “It pleases me to leave.”
astrologus igitur, abi domino persuadere non potuit, amuletum ei dedit. Therefore the astrologer, when he was unable to persuade the master, gave an amulet to him.
tum securi ad praedium Barbilli contendimus. per partem praedii flumen Nilus leniter fluebat. Then we rushed to the estate of Barbillus without a care. The river Nile was flowing gently through part of the estate.
ubi illuc advenimus, multus servos vidimus collectos. When we arrived there, we saw many slaves assembled.
in hac multitudine servorum erant nonnulli Aethiopes, qui hastas in manibus tenebant. In this crowd of slaves were several Ethiopians, who were holding spears in their hands.
prope Aethiopas stabat Phormio, vilicus Barbilli. Near the Ethiopians stood Phormio, the farm manager of Barbillus.
Phormio, 'salve, domine!' inquit. “Hello, master!” said Phormio.
omnes res tibit paravimus. “We have prepared all the things for you.
scaphas, quas pstulavisti, comparavimus. We have obtained the boats, which you demanded.”
'haedos cecidistis?' rogavit Barbillus. “Did you kill the kids?” asked Barbillus.
duos haedos cecidi,us, domine', respondit vilicus. “We killed the two kids, master,” responded the farm manager.
eos in scaphas iam posuimus. “We have already placed them into the boats.”
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