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Interview Prep

Answers to technical questions

Income Statement Net Sales - COGS = Gross Profit - SG&A - Dep. = Operating Profit - Interest Exp. = Pre-tax Income - Income Tax = Net Income Dividends (Shown at bottom)
Free Cash Flows (Sales-COGS-SG&A-Depreciation)=EBIT EBIT(1-Tax Rate) + Depreciation - CAPX - Change in NWC = FCF Note: Change in NWC is: (Current Assets - Current Liabilities) or (Inventory+A/R-A/P)
Statement of Cash Flows (SoCF): Main Sections +/- Cash Flows From Operations +/- Cash Flows From Investment Activities +/- Cash Flows From Financing Activities ---------------------------------------- Net Change In Cash During Period + Beginning of Year Cash Account = End of Year Cash
SoCF: Cash Flows From Operations Operating profit +/- Adjustments to net earnings + Depreciation - Accounts receivable + Accounts payable - Inventory +/- Other adjustments to earnings = Net cash flow from operations
SoCF: Cash Flows From Investment Activities - Purchases of marketable securities + sales of marketable securities - Loans made to borrowers + Collections on loans - Purchases of plant and real estate assets + sales of plant and real estate assets = Net cash flow from investment
SoCF: Cash Flows From Financing Activities + Proceeds from ST borrowings - Payments to settle ST debts + Proceeds from issuing bonds + Proceeds from issuing stock - Dividends paid = Net cash flow from financing activities
Balance Sheet: Assets Current: +Cash +Securities +Receivables +Inventory & Supplies Fixed: +Land +Structures +PP&E +CAPX -Accum. Dep. Intangibles/Other
Balance Sheet: Liabilities + Stock Holders Equity Current: +Payables +Accrued Income Taxes +Accrued Expenses +Bonds & Debt Due<1yr =Total Current Liabilities LT Liabilities: +LT Debt +LT Lease Obligations Stockholders Equity +Pref/Comm Stock +Capital in Excess of Par +Retained Earnings
Retained Earnings The percentage of net earnings not paid out as dividends, but retained by the company to be reinvested in its core business or to pay debt. It is recorded under shareholders' equity on the balance sheet. RE = Beginning RE + NI - Div.
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