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Stack #35942

FCAT-Organization of the Passage or Text

what is, cause and effect or cause and results order You read why an event happened or what happened because of an event. It is often used in passages about sciece topics. Key words- because, since, consequence, result, reason. (Sometimes there are no key words).
what is, chronological order The same as time sequence. It begins with the event that happened first, a long time ago. Then the passage tells what happened each year after that , in order by date. It is usually used in passages about history or someone's life, a biography.
what is, comparison and contrast The same as similarities and differences.An author may write about the characteristics or qualities two things have in common. (the same or not the same, alike or not alike)
what is, a flashback Happens when the person telling the story remembers something that happened a long time ago. (a memory) Then, the narrator will return to the present time and tell what's happening now. (once or many times) Ex. The movie "Titanic"
what is, main idea A one sentence summary of the entire passage. Answer choices may give details of the story. (the whole story in one sentence)
what is, problem solution It is often used in a fiction story. Something goes wrong and the story tells how the problem is solved.
what is, author may use the question and answer organization of a passage Presents a controversial issue. The author may give his point of view or write about a problem and then tell how he thinks it should be solved.
what is, spacial order Organized from top to bottom or left to right.
Created by: msmarcoccio