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ATI Practice Questions - Med Surge

Due to decreased blood flow caused by an upper gastrointestinal bleed, what is an expected finding particularly with adults? Acute confusion
If a patient is taking magnesium sulfate, they have the potential to experience what effect to their blood pressure? Hypotension
What kind of respiratory effects can magnesium sulfate have on a patient? Respiratory depression
Facial flushing, somnolence and decreased deep tendon reflexes are side effects we might see in a patient taking what? magnesium sulfate
If a patient has frontal lobe damage associated with a cerebrovascular accident, what kind of behavior might we see? Emotional lability such as laughing and crying for no apparent reason.
What would damage to the parietal lobe cause? Deficits in cognition and spatial orientation.
Damage to the temporal lobe will cause what condition? Receptive aphasia, known as Wernicke's aphasia.
What will damage to the occipital lobe cause? This can result in visual disturbances.
If a postoperative patient has not voided 8 hours post surgery, what is the first action a nurse would take? Perform a bladder scan.
What kind of respirations will the patient with hypokalemia have? Shallow respirations
A positive Trousseaus's sign indicates altered levels of what? Calcium
Deep tendon reflexes are used to monitor altered levels of what? magnesium
Why might we find hypoactive bowel sounds in a patient with hypokalemia? Hypokalemia decreases smooth muscle contraction in the GI tract, leading to decreased peristalsis.
What could slurred speech in a patient who is post cardiac catheterizaion indicate? A cerebrovascular accident which is a known life threatening complication of the procedure.
What are the signs of an allergic reaction to a blood product? Hives, itching, and flushing. Antihistamines are administered for this type of transfusion reaction.
Dypnea, jugular vein distention, and restlessness during a blood transfusion are common manifestations of what? circulatory overload
How would circulatory overload caused by a blood transfusion be corrected? By slowing down the infusion rate.
What color should we expect gastrointestinal secretions to be? yellow-green
This condition may develop during or after hemodialysis and is due to a rapid decrease in the fluid volume and BUN levels during dialysis. Disequalibrium Syndrome
What is important to remember about arterial lines and antibiotics? Arterial lines are not an appropriate access for administering antibiotics.
What are arterial lines used for? Repeated ABG samples and monitoring hemodynamic pressures.
In a patient with a chest tube, what happens to the tidaling when the client's lung has re-expanded? The tidaling ceases.
If nitroglycerin and Viagra are taken together, what could this cause? Both medications cause vasodilation and they could lead to hypotension if taken together.
What is amylase? A digestive enzyme in the pancreas.
A decreased aPTT is an indicator of what? coagulation
Patients with this condition involving the eyes may see bright lights and the sensation of a curtain being pulled over part of their field of vision. A detached retina.
For the patient who is receiving anticoagulant therapy, what is petechiae indicative of? It is an indicator of bleeding which is a complication with anticoagulant therapy.
When changing out the IV administration set for a patient who has a nontunneled percutaneous catheter (Triple Lumen),what action do we take to prevent an air embolus? Have the patient hold their breath and bear down to prevent air from traveling in to the lumen of the catheter.
What might an increase in HR 25 above the baseline indicate in a patient with systemic lupus erthythematosis? It might indicate pericarditis with is a serious manifestation of SLE.
How often should the needle be changed in an insulin pump? At least every days.
What kind of insulin do insulin pumps use? Rapid or short acting insulin.
If a person reports to the ER with chest pains, what is the FIRST thing we as nurses should do? Apply oxygen
Fluid wave is a test for what condition? ascites
What happens to the PaO2 in hypovolemic shock? It decreases because perfusion decreases.
A urine specific gravity of more than 0.030 indicates a decrease in volume and an increase in osmolarity, what type of dehydration is this a sign of? hypertonic dehydration
Severe hypertension with a widened pulse pressure and bradycardia indicates what? Cushing Reflex
What type of drug should be used to decrease fluid accumulate in the lungs? Diuretics decrease systemic and pulmonary congestion.
What kind of a medication is Plavix? antiplatelet
What type of a medication is Lipitor? Cholesterol lowering medication.
What effect do Beta-adrenergic blocking agents like Atenolol (Tenormin) have on the cardiac workload? They decrease it,and may increase fluid to the lungs due to decreased contractility.
What might reports of a headache and back pain within the first 5 minutes of a patient receiving PRBC's indicate? This might indicate a hemolytic reaction and the infusion should be turned off.
What medication would be used to treat malignant hyperthermia? Dantrolene sodium which is a skeletal muscle relaxant.
What type of bacilli would a patient with tuberculosis be positive for? Acid fast bacilli.
If a patient has an ICD, what should they remember about traveling? They need to inform airports that they have one because metal detectors can affect the function of an ICD.
After a thorathentisis, why should a patient take deep breaths? To help reexpand the lung.
For a patient receiving chemotherapy, what would be an indicator to watch for to detect thrombocytopenia? Occult blood in the stools.
What is the normal range for sodium? 135-145
What is the normal range for HcO3
What is the normal range for PaO2
When a patient is under conscious sedation what does snoring indicate? Snoring indicates a partial airway obstruction.
ARe Kussmaul respirations an indicator of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia? hyperglycemia
When suctioning the pressure should not exceed what setting? 120 mmHg
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