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Pharm Chapter4

Prescription Writing

Superscription pts name, address, and age; date; and the symbol Rx
Inscription name of the drug, dose form, and amount. After the Rx symbol write the name of the drug being prescribed and the size(mg)of the tablet or capsule or the concentration (mg/ml)if it is a liquid.
Subscription directions to the pharmacist. Quantity to be dispensed; write "Dispense:" or "Disp:" and then the number of capsules or tablets or milliliters of liquid.
More Directions for Subscription # replaced "Dispense:" or "Disp:" if writing for tablets or capsules. If writing for controlled substance, add in () the # of tablets or capsules written out in Roman numerals or in longhand.
Transcription or Sigma or Signature Directions to the pt. Write "Sig:", should include amount of med and the time, frequency, and route of administration.
Heading name, address, telephone number of prescriber; name address, age, telephone number of pt; date of prescription.
Body symbol Rx; name and dosage size or concentration of the drug; amount to be dispensed; directions to the pt.
Closing Presciber's signature, DEA number (if required); refill instructions. DEA # depends on what drug.
Goes on Presciption Label Name, address, telephone number of pharmacy, pts and dentist's names, directions for use, name and strength of the meds, and the original date and date filled are required.Quantity of med despensed and # of refills may be noted.
Label (cont'd) If generic drug is prescribed, the generic name and company who manufacturers it is required on the label. If trade name is used, only name is required. Side effects should be noted on label.
2 Criteria met in order for Dentist to prescribe meds. 1)pt of record 2)Must be for dental condition
Federal Law divides controlled substances into 5 schedules according to their abuse potential The rules for prescribing these agents differ depending on the drug's schedule.
Current requirements for prescribing a controlled drug: Any prescription for a controlled substance requires a DEA number. All schedule II-IV drugs require a prescription. Any prescrip. for schedule II drugs must be written in pen or indelible ink or typed. Hygienists may write prescrip and Dentist sign it.
Requirements Cont'd Schedule II prescrip can NOT be telephoned into pharmacy, can NOT be refilled, must have new prescription. Schedule III and IV drugs may be telephoned in and may be refilled no more than 5x in a 6-month period.
Created by: Hygiene103