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Health and disease

Define diabetes Diabetes mellitus is a non-infectious, degenerative disease in which insulin is not secreted or its target cells do not respond or respond poorly
What are the two types of diabetes ? Type 1 and Type 2
What is another name of type 1 diabetes ? insulin-dependent diabetes
How does type 1 diabetes occur ? (state your answer in regards to insulin) The pancreas is incapable of secreting enough insulin, so that blood glucose levels may soar after a carbohydrate-containing meal
What is another name of type 2 diabetes? non-insulin dependent
How does type 2 diabetes occur? (state your answer in regards to insulin) The pancreas does secrete insulin, but the liver and other target organs do not respond to it adequately
What is the main difference between type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes ? Type 1 diabetes is mainly hereditary while type 2 is mainly as a result of your lifestyle choices etc.
What are the symptoms of type 2 diabetes ? -feeling very thirsty; urinating a lot, especially at night -extreme tiredness; weight loss with loss of muscle tissue -itchiness around the vagina or penis -recurring infections of Candida cause the disease known as thrush -blurred vision
What are some risk factors that promote the onset of type 2 diabetes ? Prenatal malnutrition Genetics Ethnicity Age Diet Obesity High blood pressure and high blood cholesterol.
What are the treatment options for Type 2 Diabetes? careful diet control and exercise. Later it may become necessary to take insulin.
What are the treatment options for Type 1 Diabetes? Taking insulin, frequent blood sugar monitoring.
Prenatal malnutrition increases the risk of which type of diabetes? Type 2
Prenatal overnutrition increases the risk of which type of diabetes? Type 1
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