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Lenape 1

words from 1/19/10 (conversations in Lenape lesson 1)

milaxk hair
mamaon, mamaona eyebrow
xkwekankan, xkwekankana neck
wananu, wananuwa cheek
hwikwi, hwikwia chin
shetun, shetuna lip
wipit, wipita tooth
wiskon, wiskona elbow
hwikash, hwikasha fingernails, toenails, hoof, claw
wëlënch, wëlëncha finger
ahshilunkòn, ahshilunkòna armpit
tùkwëlënch, tùkwëlëncha fist
xkelixën, xkelixëna rib
xkan, xkana bone
mutay, mutaya stomach, abdomen, belly
teh, teha heart
pom, poma thigh; buttock
hwìkxkòn, hwìkxkòna shin
tankat, tankata ankle
tuhwepi, tuhwepia body
ni I
ki you
neka he/she
niluna we (exclusive)
kiluna we (inclusive)
kiluwa you all
nekamo they
kweti one
seke it is black
seksu he or she is black
ahas, ahasak crow
hempes, hempsa shirt (pl. can mean clothes)
He! Hello!
Kulamalsi hech? How are you?
Nulamalsi. I am fine.
welamalsin to feel well
tixamwi to bathe
talami to be frightened/scared (long term fear)
wishasi to be frightened/startled (short term fear)
mikentam to do something
pil to be clean
wil head
hopikon shoulder
ketukw knee
kwitsit toe
weshkinkw eye
hwitaok ear
tun mouth
wikiyon nose
naolk arm
naxk hand
hwikat leg
sit foot
Created by: alcarohtare