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What are 2 common features of epic - The hero battles forces that threaten the order of his world. - The story is told in a serious manner, often in special elevated language.
3 other epic poems & where their from. The Odyssey (Greece) The Lliad (Greece) Sundiata (Mali)
When was Beowulf finally written down? Eleventh Century
What is a scop? traveling mistrels
Beowulf will fight ____ in this long poem. 3 monsters
What is Herot? Hrothgar's great banquet hall
Beowulf sets sail to aid the Banish King ____ in his fight against the monster______. Hrothgar; Grendel
Describe the monster Grendel. A terrifying swampland creature whose eyes burn with gruesome light
Who or what is a Geat and from where do they originate? Beowulf; today known as southern Sweden
Beowulf was orginally told in _____ the language wpoken by the _____ of England during the years 500 to 1100. Old English; Anglo-Saxons
When and Where does the action take place in Bewulf? sixth century; scandinavia
Beowulf is the _______ of a culture. self-portrait
Beowulf is a combination of ____ & ______ legend myth & heroic
Beowulf's theme is the never ending struggle of _____. good against evil
Beowulf perfectly embodies the following Anglo-Saxon ideals -Courage -Superhuman strength -Unfailing loyalty -Devotion to duty -Champion of freedom & justice
Beowulf is the _____ landmark in English lit. & the greatest work of the ______ period. 1st; Anglo-Saxon
Alliteration is the repeating of ______. sounds
An important element in Anglo-Saxon is alliteration
Elaborate & indirect way of naming people or things Kenning
In Anglo-Saxon poetry each line has a ______ in the middle. ceasura (pause)
Anglo-Saxon reflects both _______ & ________ elements. christian & pagan
In Anglo-Saxon poetry lines don't rhyme
When the vikings invade the British Isles they destroyed the Isles & plunged the Isles into _______. the Dark Ages
The vikings are: the _______ from __________ & the _______ from __________. Norse -> Norway Danes -> Denmark
The Anglo-Saxons invaded from ____________. Germany
The Anglo-Saxons inhabited the British Isles from _______ to _______. 449 to 1066
The Roman brought _______ & built ______ & established _______. Christainity roads & churches border & stability
The Romans were the _______ to inhabit the British Isles from _____ to ________ 2nd; 55BC to 407AD
The Celts are made of the _______ who settled in _______ & the ________ who settled in _________. Britons -> England & Scotland Gaels -> Ireland
The Celts were the _______ to inhabitant the British Isles in the years ________. 1st; 800BC
What kind of culture does the British Isle have? warrior
How do the British Isle's klanes/ tribes live? tightly knit
British Isle were in constant fighting for how many years? 2,000
What is Great Britain's religion? Protestant
What is Ireland's religion? Catholic
What are the Great Britain countries? England, Wales, Scotland, N. Ireland
Who is the King of Denmark (Danish King)? Hrothgar
Who is the murderous monster that has been terrorizing Hrothgar's kingdom for years? Grendel
Who is the brave warrior from the kingdom of Geat (Sweden today)and aids King Hrothgar in his fight against the moster Grendel? Beowulf
Who is the King of Geats & Beowulf's Lord? Higlac
What is the name of the banquet hall of Hrothgar? Herot
What is the name of an alcoholic beverage made from fermented honey & drunk after battle during the Angl0-Saxon period? Mead
What is the name of Beowulf's sword? Hrunting
Where does Grendel come from? the seed of Cain
What is happening in the mead-hall when Grendel attacks? The warriors are sleeping
How many men were killed? 30
Why do the Danes flee Herot at night? Because Grendel attacks while they are sleeping
Although Grendel takes over and lives in Herot, why does Hrothgar's throne remain untouched? Explain. Because they believe in the power of god & not the demon.
What does Beowulf's way of identifying himself suggest about the values of a warrior culture? He says that his father is known to be a great warrior andso Beowulf is a great warrior. It shows his culture runs off of pride
How do Beowulf's boasts of great deeds and his announcement of his plan establish him as an epic hero? It tell's how Beowulf has defeated monsters before making him a hero. It tells these deeds in a serious tone.
Why does Beowulf sail to Denmark? To offer to fight Grendel & make Denmark a safe place. To repay a debt & to prove himself
What single request does Beowulf ask of Hrothgar? That he allows him to fight Grendel & if he fails to send his armor to his home.
What advantage does Beowulf have in his fight against Grendel? Beowulf had the strongest, wisest men.
Describe the monster's lair. The outside is windy cliffs, wolf dens that run underground with black misty clouds; grooves of trees cover the lake & fire burns ontop of the lake everynight. The lair is filled with treasures.
Who is Edgetho's son? Beowulf
Who is Unferth and what does he do? Danish warrior who had questioned Beowulf's bravery before the battle with Grendel
How long does it take Beowulf to get to the bottom of the lake? Hours
How long has Grendel's mother guarded the lake? 50 years
What is the name of Beowulf's sword? Hrunting
What prevents Beowulf from being killed by Grendel's mother? woven mail shirt
Describe what he uses to kill her. heavy sword, hammered by giants; so massive no ordinary man could lift; carved & decorated
What does he do to Grendel and is mother? cut off their head
What happens to the sword? the blade burned and melted
What does he take form the lair? Grendel's head & the base of the sword
How many men carry the head? 4
How many years does Beowulf rule Geatland? 50
What does Beowulf fight? Fire Dragon
Why does he say he will use a sword? Because the dragon melted the shield so he had nothing else protecting him & he could not kill the dragon without it.
What happens to the sword? cracked when Beowulf stuck it in the dragon.
Who is Wiglaf and what does he do? Wexton's son & a good soldier. He is the only soldier to stay and help Beowulf. He became the next king
What does the dragon do to Beowulf? Burn and kill him.
Describe the funeral. They burn him & built a tower placing his ashes, jewels, & treasures from the dragon in the tower.
What are the characteristics of an epic hero and how does Beowulf meet these? Fight the forces that threaten the order of his world.
What are three Anglo-Saxon customs and beliefs exemplified throughout the epic? Beowulf shows courage, superhuman strength, unfailing loyalty, devotion to duty & champion of freedom & justice
What is the setting for Beowulf? Anglo-Saxon period & in Denmark
What is Beowulf's motive for fighting Grendel? To repay a debt to Hrogthar and prove himself
What was Beowulf's motive for fighting Grendel's mother? To put a final stop to the blood feud that's lasted 12 years in Denmark.
What was Grendel's motive for killing? to repay for building on God's creation and being noisy and loud in Herot.
What is Grendel's mother's motive for killing? To repay for killing Grendel.
What is the fire dragon's motive for killing? An accidental intruder took a goblet, one of the treasures the dragon was gaurding.
What was Beowulf's motive for fighting the fire dragon? The dragon destroyed and scorched Beowulf's land.
What weapon did Beowulf use for killing Grendel? his own hands
What weapon did Beowulf use for killing Grendel's mother? sword Hrunting
What weapon did Beowulf use for killing the dragon? sword Naegling
What was Beowulf's attitude toward the fight with Grendel? He leaves his life in God's hand
What was Beowulf's attitude toward the fight with the fire dragon? This will be his last battle. Death will come for him.
Created by: mercedesann
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