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Learning Link 1

Dental Term

die tooth or bridge pattern used in prosthodontic dentistry
dye coloring material; may be used to indicate plaque
auxiliary helping subsidiary, such as a dental assistant
axillary underarm sire; may be used to obtain body temperature
esthetics pertaining to beauty
aesthesia loss of pain sensation
facial (a) pertaining to the face; (b) front surface of incisor tooth
fascial pertaining to the fibrous membrane on muscles
palpation use of hand or finger pressure to locate/examine
suture area or line where two bones unite, such as coronal suture
suture stitch or staple repairing or closing wound
CDA Certified Dental Assistant
ALARA as low as reasonably achievable
ANUG acute nectoritizing ulcerative gingivitis
xanth/o yellow
cyan/o blue
erythr/o red
leuk/o white
melan/o black
alba/o violet
macro large
hyper over/excess
hypo under/below
micro small/minute
pan all around
ultra extreme/beyond
mandible lower jaw
distal the root term for back or distant
occlusal designates the chewing or occluding area
glossa/lingua tongue
occlude jaw closing
dens tooth
gingiva gum tissue
chello lip
mesial middle
frenum frenum
distal far from center
stoma mouth
mastication act of chewing
syncope a temporary loss of consciousness resulting from an inadequate supply of blood to the brain; also known as swooning or fainting
xerostomia dryness of the mouth caise by the lack of normal saliva secretion
apic/o apex of root
-ology a specialist in a given study
bi- and di- two
-photo suffix meaning graph or picture (especially in radiology)
orth/o the combining form for straight or for proper order
-necrosis suffix meaning tissue death, decay
retro- prefix meaning before (in time or place)
HVE high volume evacuation
ad- prefix meaning towards or increase
supra- above
peri- around or about
-trophy development, growth
mesial middle, mid-plane
ab- from, away from
stoma mouth
-oma tumor
dys inflammation
mal bad, difficult
itis evil, sickness, disorder, poor
gingiva gum tissue
-otomy cutting into, incision into
buccal the root/combining word for cheek
-algia suffix meaning pain or ache
anodontia P= an,without R= o/don't,tooth S= ia,condition
frenectony P= none R= fren,frenum S= ia,condition
interproximal P= inter,between R= proxim,adjacent sides S= al, related to/connection with
gingivectomy P= none R= gingiv,gum tissue S= extomy, excision and removal of
periodontitis P= peri,around R= o/dont, tooth S= itis, inflammation
malocclusion P= mal,bad,improper,poor R= occlus,closing of jaws S= ion,condition or state
submandibular P= sub,under R= mandibul,mandible,lower jaw S= ar, area location
cheilosis P= none R= cheil/o,lip S= osis, disease,condition of disease
exdontia P= ex,out R= o/dont,tooth S= ia,condition or state of
orthodontist P= orth,straighten R= o/dont,tooth S= ist, specialist of
acronym abbreviated word term made up of the first letter of seceral words
gingivectomy surgical removal of gingival tissue
cheilosis inflammation of the lips, particularly at the corners
sublingual under the tongue
odontalgia toothache, pain in a tooth
Created by: LindseyT