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5th Grade GLRs

Greek and Latin Roots from Ms. Mahn's 5th grade class

schole leisure, free time
capere to take, to seize
ordo, ordinis row, order
e, ex out of, from
circum around, about
peri around
gradus step, degree
sub below, beneath
navis (latin) ship, boat
ago, actum do, act, drive, perform
secundus second
holos whole, entire, complete
plus, pluris more, many
naus (Greek) ship, boat
tertius third
super on top, above, over
heteros other, different
pax, pacis peace
septimums seventh
porta door, gate, entry
hyper above, overly, beyond
porto to carry
quartus fourth
homos same, common, joint
mare sea, ocean
quintus fifth
hypo under, below
sextus sixth
felix, felicis happy
torquere to twist
ocatuvs eighth
nonus ninth
primus first
decimus tenth
akros top, high-point, extreme
kata down, against
ana up, back again, along, through
theos god, deity
monos alone, solitary
orthos straight, correct
solus alone, only
laboro, laboratum work (latin)
rideo, risum laugh, make fun of
cardo, cardinis hinge
novus new (latin)
dokein think, have an opinion, suppose
ergon work (greek)
divinus god-like
deus god
kyklos ring, circle, wheel
elektron amber
durus hard to touch, strong, difficult
barbaros foreign
femina woman
sanus healthy
mons, montis mountain
anthropos man, mankind (g)
vir man, masculine (l)
pendo, pensum hang down, weigh, consider, judge
arcus bow, arc
omnis all
ludo, lusus play, mock
sal, salis salt
pais, paidos child
folium leaf
infans, infantis inable to speak
ludo, lusus play, mock
loquor, locutus speak
athlon prize, award
dromos racecourse, running
sanus healthy
vox, vocis voice
agon contest, struggle
cor, cordis heart
dorsum back
cutis skin, hide (l)
derma skin, hide (g)
cornu horn
rhinos nose, snout
medicus doctor, physician (l)
iatros doctor, physician (g)
amphi both (g)
grex, gregis flock, heard, drove, group, troupe
avis bird (l)
ornis bird (g)
porcus pig, swine
hippos horse (g)
caballus horse (l)
equus horse
leon lion
feles cat
canis dog
specto, spectatum look at, see
malus bad, ugly, evil
rumpo, ruptum break, burst
eu good, pleasant
ambi both sides, around (l)
Created by: msmahn
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