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Bokabularyo 1

tanggalin to take off
gusto mo ba siyang kargahin? do you want to hold her? (as in holding a newborn)
tulay bridge
sabek ka girl? sabek? are u thirsty hmm? are u?
kami na we're together/ we're official
sabi sayo/ sabi ko sa iyo/ sabi ko na nga ba e i told you!
sampalin nang bongga to bitchslap someone (bago sampalin kita nang bongga!)
manligaw to court someone (as in asking someone out, making a move, etc.)
sa wakas! finally!
ipakilala to introduce
mauna po kami we'll go ahead
kabet mistress
biglang sinabi blurted out, to blurt out ("tapos biglang sinabi ko ....)
ganto, ganito like this
ganyan, ganyon like that
kesyo because
porket because
kinabukasan the next morning
ihatid to take someone home/ to drive someone home/ etc.
may ipapakilala ko sa inyo I have someone I'd like you to meet ("tay, nay, may ipapakilala ko sa inyo, ito na si Mando")
umayos kayo mga bakla don't look stupid bitches
wag ka gagawa ng kagagahan don't do anything stupid
ikaw na nga para sakin you're the one for me
hindi ako makahinga i can't breathe
magpahinga ka muna just relax/rest first
saglit second
magpahinga ka nang saglit rest/relax for a sec
asa! as if!
ang hirap pa na gawin yun? is that so hard to do?
malay mo you never know
hindi ito ang mga in-order ko these are not what I ordered
ang in-order ko ay... I ordered a....
maaari niyo po bang ipadala... (sa akin, sa amin) can you please send it to... (to me, to us (Exclusive))
hindi ito ang inasahan ko this is not what I expected
Ang akala ko... my thought was...
ginupit na has already been cut
gupit to cut something
pero hindi talaga ito kamukha ng nasa larawan but this is really not what it appears to be in the picture
isauli to return something (at a store)
ayon po sa amin datos... according to our data...
binili ko po ang kamiseta na may kolyar i bought the shirt that has a collar
hangga't/ basta as long as...
ba't ka umiiyak? why are you crying?
hangga't nakakabit ang tag as long as the the tag is attached
pasukan entrance
bangka boat
pakipaliwanag kung bakit...(____________) please explain why.... (_______)
maginaw cool (as in temperature)
Created by: dallinjamesFILO
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