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Ecology Part 1

Which biome is Virginia in Temperate deciduous forest
The study of interactions between organisms and their environment Ecology
What is the term for the arrival of the first living organisms into an area Pioneer species
Scavengers feed on what? Dead animals
When energy decreases going up a food change, what happens to toxins? They increase
This order is an example of what type of succession? Lichens, moss, grass, shrub, tree Primary succession
In a relationship, one is helped, the other is not helped or hurt Commensalism
What is the term for what happens with toxins as they move up a food chain? Biological Magnification
What is the term for the population size that an environment can sustain? Carrying capacity
This biome is known for having mostly conifer trees like firs and evergreens. Boreal Forest/Taiga
What type of succession would be where a mining or a forest fire had occurred Secondary Succession
What is the general term for a relationship between two organisms Symbiosis
The role a species plays in a community Niche
What are the four parts of the water cycle? Evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation
What is the term for when the ground is permanently frozen permafrost
The term for an area of land that drains into a body of water Watershed
Which biome is known for tall grasses, limited trees, and animals like zebras and elephants Tropical savannah
This model represents all possible energy relationships in a community. Food web
A general term for an organism that traps energy from the sun to make its own food Autotroph/Producer
What type of factors are living things Biotic factors
What percent of energy is available to the trophic level in an energy pyramid 10%
What is the term for the evaporation of water from the leaves of plants Transpiration
A simple model that shows how energy moves through an ecosystem Food chain
What is the process name of when bacteria change nitrogen into a usable form Nitrogen Fixation
What are the types of trees in a Virginia climax community Hardwoods – oak, maple, hickory
In a relationship, one is helped, the other is hurt. parasitism
Sand/rocks/and soil are what type of factors? abiotic factors
What percent of energy is used by an organism to survive, therefore not available to the next trophic level? 90%
This change in a sequence of species in an area that begins in a place where there was once an ecosystem secondary succession
What does deciduous mean leaves fall off seasonally
The general term for when one organism preys on another organism. Predation
The place an organism lives. habitat
Lichens are examples of this: pioneer species
Which biome has the greatest biodiversity tropical rainforest
A term for an organism that eats plants only herbivore
What is term for a group of the same species living in the same place population
What type of factors are non-living things abiotic factors
In a relationship, both organisms benefit. mutualism
The term for when there is a stable group of plants and animals at the end of a succession process climax community
What living organism can change nitrogen into a usable form? bacteria
This biome has permafrost. tundra
What are the three ways carbon can get back into the atmosphere? Combustion, cellular respiration, decomposition
This change in a sequence of species in an area that begins in a place without soil or a previous ecosystem primary succession
A biotic or abiotic factor that restricts the existence of an organism in a common environment limiting factor
The amount of organic matter comprising a group of organisms (dry weight) biomass
What type of succession would be where a volcano erupted or a glacier melted primary succession
Name the two decomposers. fungi and bacteria
What is the term for when different species hang out in same area? community
Evaporation is part of what cycle? water
Name density-independent factors: weather and climate
What is process when pollution combines with water vapor to form acid that comes down as precipitation. acid rain
Which biome is characterized by being dry desert
A general term for organisms that eat other organisms to get their energy consumer/heterotroph
A term for an organism that can eat plants and other consumers omnivore
What biome supports most of our agriculture and located in the mid-west of the United States temperate grasslands
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