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Cell membranes

What are the 3 other names for the cell membrane? 1. plasma membrane 2. fluid mosaic model 3. phospholipid bilayer
What is the only job of the cell membrane? Maintain homeostasis by controlling what enter and leave the cell.
What are the three components of the cell membrane? 1. phospholipids 2. proteins 3. cholestrol
What portion of the phospholipid bilayer is hydrophobic? The non-polar tails
What portion of the phospholipid bilayer is hydrophilic? The polar heads
What does hydrophobic mean? Non-polar or afraid of water
What does hydrophilic mean? Polar or water-loving
The head of a phospholipid is composed of ____________. Polar phosphate
The tails of a phospholipid is composed of _____________. Non-polar fatty acids
The function of the cholesterol in the cell membrane is to _________________. Maintain the fluidity of the cell membrane
If a substance does not like water it is said to be __________. Hydrophobic
Maintaining ______________ is the only job of the fluid mosaic model. Homeostasis
If a substance does like water it is said to be ____________. Hydrophilic
True or False: The structure and properties of the cell membrane allow it to be selective and maintain homeostasis. True
True or False: The plasma membrane is a bilayer of lipid molecules with protein molecules embedded in it. True
True or False: The fluid mosaic model describes the plasma membrane as a structure that is liquid and very rigid. False
True or False: The phospholipid bilayer is semi-permeable. True
True of False: The interior portion of the fluid mosaic model forms a polar zone. False
This protein helps to move substances across the cell membrane. Transport Protein
This protein serves as I.D. to let other cells know what it is. Identification Proteins
This protein allows cells to talk to one another. Receptor Proteins
What are the three jobs of membrane proteins? 1. Transport 2. Communication 3. Identification What is the main function of flagella Flagella are filamentous protein structures found in bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes, though they are most commonly found in bacteria. They are typically used to propel a cell through liquid (i.e. bacteria and sperm)
A cell membrane is said to be ____________________ permeable because it allows the passage of some solutes and not others Selectively What is the main function of cilia? cilia are found in the lungs, respiratory tract and middle ear. They work, for instance, to keep the airways clear of mucus and dirt, allowing us to breathe easily and without irritation.
____________________ molecules have “heads” and “tails” and are found in the cell membrane. Phospholipid Give an example of cells that have a cilia? For example, in humans, only a few cell types have motile cilia, namely sperm, epithelia cells in the bronchi and oviducts, and ependymal cells that line brain vesicles.
The outermost boundary of an animal cell is the Cell membrane Give an example of cells that have a flagella? An example of a eukaryotic flagellate cell is the mammalian sperm cell, which uses its flagellum to propel itself through the female reproductive tract.
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