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Ch 5

Aveolar Bone Proper Lines the tooth socket, has principal fibers of the periodontal ligament inserted into the matrix, and is sustained by supporting bone , which is composed of spongy (CANCELLOUS) and dense ( COMPACT) bone.
Nasmyth's Membrane A residue that consists of fused tissue of the reduced enamel epithelium (REE) and oral epithelium as well as the dental cuticle placed by ameloblasts on newly erupted teeth of both dentitions. -Easily picks up stain & can be removed with polishing.
Enamel Pearl Small, round nodules of enamel with a tiny core of dentin. since they are covered in enamel they prevent the normal connective tissue attachment, may be felt with a probe, & may lead to periodontal problems in this region.
Fusion The union of two adjacent tooth germs, ALWAYS INVOLVING THE DENTIN,
Anodontia "No teeth at all" - Primary and secondary dentitions are totally absent. -Extremely rare. -Associated with congenital deformation involving abnormal development of ectoderm.
Densen dente Translated to:"Tooth within a tooth". A developmental anomaly resulting from invagination of the epithelium of the enamel organ before the formation of hard tissue. -Clinically appears more often as a deep crevice near cingulum region of incisors.
Mesiodens Small supernumerary tooth that forms between central incisors .- cone-shaped crown& short root. -May be visible in oral cavity or unerupted,
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