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What is the name of Viola’s father? Sebastian
What is the complicated relationship setup of “A loves B, B loves C, and C loves A” called? A love triangle
Shakespeare wrote in verse that contained a certain rhythm of five sets of unstressed and stressed syllables. What is this called? Iambic Pentameter
Complete the quote: “Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some__________.” have greatness thrust upon them
Complete the quote: “Away before me to sweet beds of flowers: Love-thoughts lie rich when canopied __________.” with bowers
True or False: Lady Olivia’s favorite color is yellow. False
True or False: At the play’s beginning, Orsino is depressed because his wife has just died. False
True or False: Sir Toby Belch is a respectable gentleman of good moral character. False
True or False: Sir Toby is, although not a family relative, a close friend of Olivia’s late father. False
True or False: Cesario leaves a jeweled ring with Olivia as a token of Duke Orsino’s love. False
True or False: Lady Olivia has vowed to mourn the death of her brother for seven years. True
True or False: According to mythology, Elysium is where all the troubled souls spent eternity. True
True or False: Sir Andrew, although he pretends to be dumb, is actually very intelligent. False
True or False: “Twelfth Night” is considered to be one of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies. False
True or False: This play is titled “Twelfth Night” because it takes place 12 days after Christmas. True
Maria said of Malvolio, “…here comes the trout that must be caught...” [2.5.38] This is an example of: Metaphor
One reason Shakespeare’s comedies are read today is: They are still as funny today as they were four hundred years ago
A theme that ran throughout the course of the play was: Music as a pleasure of life
What disguise does Feste wear when he speaks with Malvolio? Sir Topas, a priest
Viola is the twin of: Sebastian
The characters who fought in a duel are: Cesario, Andrew, and Sebastian
Toby, Maria, and Andrew made a plan to: Make a fool of Malvolio
Orsino surrounded himself with: Flowers, music, and beauty
A soliloquy is: A speech given by a character when alone on stage
When Viola will not take the ring from Malvolio, Malvolio: throws the ring on the ground
Olivia pretended that Viola had given her a: A ring from Orsino
Mistaken identity, confusion, and coincidence are devices Shakespeare used to: Create comedy
Apart from her brother, who in Olivia's family has just died? Her father
The play’s storyline is intricate because: There are several plots going on
Feste was referred to as a fool because: He was like a court jester
One theme of the play is: Appearances aren’t always what they seem
Olivia’s feelings for the Duke were: He was handsome, rich, high in character, but she was not interested
Viola comes to work for Duke Orsino because: She was all alone and had to support herself
The first conflict in the play is over: Duke Orsino’s pining away for Olivia
Twelfth Night takes place in: Illyria
Twelfth Night takes place: On the days leading up to Twelfth Night
Who said it? "…for what says Quinapalus? ‘Better a witty fool than a foolish wit.’" Feste
Who said it? "Most radiant, exquisite, and unmatchable beauty – I pray you, tell me if this be the lady of the house, for I never saw her." Viola
Who said it? "Observe him, for the love of mockery; for I know this letter will make a contemplative idiot of him." Maria
Who said it? "Have you any commission from your lord to negotiate with my face? You are now out of your text…" Olivia
Who said it? "Have you no wit, manners, nor honesty, but to gabble like tinkers at this time of night?" Malvolio
Who said it? "I could marry this wench for this device." Sir Toby
Who said it? "A sentence is but a cheveril glove to a good wit; how quickly the wrong side may be turned outward!" Feste
Who said it? "Marry, I saw your niece do more favours to the count’s serving man than ever she bestowed upon me…" Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Who said it? "Here comes the countess; now heaven walks on earth!" Orsino
Who said it? "I had a sister, whom the blind waves and surges have devoured. Of charity, what kin are you to me?" Sebastian
This character masquerades as Olivia when she writes a letter imitating Olivia’s handwriting to play a trick on Malvolio. Maria
He appears to be Cesario, but in reality, he just came to Illyria after being saved from a shipwreck. His sister is Viola. Sebastian
This character appears to want Sir Andrew to marry his niece, Olivia, but he really just wants money from his noble friend. Sir Toby
She is a twin who masquerades as a servant boy because she is all alone in the world, or so she thinks. Viola
She behaves like a “cloistress” until the right “man” comes along; then she forgets mourning for her dead brother and falls in love. Olivia
He thinks he is in love with Olivia, but in reality, he’s in love with love. Orsino
He is pretending to be a brave and fearless knight, but he’s really a wealthy foolish knight who is tricked into a duel against Cesario, and tricked into buying ale for his friend. Sir Andrew Aguecheek
He tries to appear wise, proper, and businesslike. He is a puritan who is very egotistical. He’s convinced that Olivia loves him. Malvolio
This character disguises himself as a parson to make fun of another character. He spends the play making fun of characters. Feste
He is a sea captain and a good friend, but he’s also an outlaw. Antonio
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