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Cyrano Study Guide

Who is wounded in the forehead? de Guiche
Who performs the wedding? Capuchin
Who enjoys Cyrano's teasing about eating meat? Sister Marthe
Who wears a bag near her heart? Roxane
Who drinks too much? Ligniere
Who comes from Touraine? Christian
Who plays Phedon? Montfleury
Who worries that his men are starving? Carbon
Who insists that Cyrano eat before leaving the theater? Orange Girl
Who uses lamps and a whip handle to hide food? Ragueneau
What does Cyrano claim to have in his pocket for Christian to present Roxane? love letter
What is the whip handle made of? sausage
Who is made colonel of the regiment? De Guiche
Whose allotment repays the audience for admission? Cyrano
Who arranges the ambush at the Porte de Nesle? De Guiche
Whose patronage does Cyrano reject? Cardinal Richelieu
Whom does Cyrano chastise for flirting? Lise
What famous cavalier admires Cyrano's courage? D'Artagnan
Which officer is twice wounded at Arras? Carbon
What does Christian see on the last letter? a tear
How long does Cyrano pose as the man from the moon? fifteen minutes
How many ways does Cyrano list to get to the moon? seven
Where does Roxane keep the last letter? in a bag
What does Cyrano read each Saturday? Gazette
For how many weeks has Cyrano forbade Montfleury to appear on stage? three weeks
Before Christian's death, De Guiche warns that the Spanish will attack _________. In one hour.
The message brought by the duenna misleads Cyrano to believe that ___________________. Roxane loves him.
Roxane shuts the door in Christian's face because ______________________. he speaks dull words.
After de Guiche brings the gun, the cadets welcome __________________. the colonel.
Roxane meets Cyrano at the bake shop to ask him to _________________. protect Christian from duels.
Le Bret knows more about Cyrano's motivations than the other characters know. True
The nuns know that Cyrano is not a pious man, yet they admire his good humor. True
Roxane enters the Ladies of the Cross near Arras to be near her husband's grave. False
Marriage to Valvert would assure Roxane of regular meetings with Christian. False
Cyrano grew harsh toward women after his mistress ridiculed him. False
Ragueneau welcomes poets to his bake shop, even though his wife complains that they bring in no money. True
The audience awaiting La Clorise comes to laugh at Montfleury. False
It is easier for Christian to disguise his voice by standing under Roxane's balcony. False
The Capuchin willingly performs the marriage ceremony. True
At Arras, de Guiche becomes braver because Roxane demonstrates courage. True
Created by: Mr. Taylor