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Gaming terms

Anime Abbreviation for “animation” used to describe An animated movie or video content that originates in Japan.
Console Device connected to a tv for playing games, such as PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, and Xbox.
Cutscene A cutscene is a non-interactive movie like scene, that occurs after a certain level in a game that breaks up gameplay, and furthers the story.
ESA Entertainment Software Association: The U.S. association exclusively dedicated to serving the business and public affairs needs of companies that publish video and computer games for video game consoles, personal computers, and the internet
ESRB Rating The Entertainment Software Rating Board: assigns rating to games based on genre and content
Events Exclusive online quests a player can participate in
First Person Shooter Type of game in which a player see’s through a characters eyes and shoots a gun.
FPS(Frames Per Second) The number of times an image is updated in a game
Game screens genre
GML Game making language. Used in coding.
Gone Gold Game submitted and approved for manufacturing
Grind Continually replaying a level, quest, or mission for new rewards
Janky Not right
Loot Reward for completing a quest or mission
MMO Game where a player can play and interact with other players.
Object Item that may or may not be interacted with in a game environment
Origin point Beginning
Pixels Small image squares used to make a larger image
Platform Gaming devices
Quest Activity that can be completed for rewards.
Realm An area in a game only the player can occupy.
Room Next level or stage in a game. Could also describe a server like room where players can interact with each other.
RPG Role playing game
Sprites 2d bit map
SDK Software development kit
Strategy Skill required for certain games and quick time events
Top Down Birdseye view of a game.
YOYO Games made by another player that can be interacted with by your on character.
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