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Medical terminology

Module 1

poly- many
post- after
pre- before
prim- first
pro- before
quadr(i) four
para- abnormal
path(o) disease
-pathy disease
re- again
retro- backwards
-rrhage burst forth
-rrhaphy surgical surturing
-rhee flowing, discharge
-rrhexis rupture
-oma tumor
-osis condition, disease
-ous pertaining to
mon(o) single
neo- new
-oid resemblance to
-logist someone who study a certain field
-logy practice of a certain field
-lysis destruction, seperation
macr(o) large
-malacia softening
meg(a), -megaly enlargement
-meter measurement
-metry process of measuring
micro- small
-ist specialize in
-ite nature of
-itis inflammation
intra- within
-ism disease
iso- equal
idio- self
infra- below
inter- between
latr(o) pertaining to medicine
-iatry certain body parts
-ic pertaining to
hyper- above
hyp(o) below
-iasis condition
hemi- one, half
heter(o) in addition
home(o) similar
-gram record or picture
-graph record or picture
-graphy process of recording
-gen born in
-genic formative
-gnosis knowledge
ex- out of
exo- outside
extra- outside
endo- inside
epi- on, upon
eu- true, good
ect(o) outer, outside
-ectasis, -ectasia dilation, removal
-ectomy resection, excision
-dynia pain
dys- bad, difficuly
-eal pertaining to
di- two
dis- taking apart
cry(o) cold
-cyte vessel
-desis together
-cele pouching hernia
-centensis puncture for aspiration
-cidal, -cide killing, destroying
bi- twice, double
bio- life
brady- slow
anti- against
-ary pertaining to
aut(o) self
ana- back, again
ansio- unequal
ante- position infront
algi(o) pain
allo- as an addition
an- not, without
-al pertaining to
alge(si) pain
-algia pain
a-, an- without
ab- away from
-ac, -acal pertaining to
acr(o) extremity
-ad towards
ad- motion towards
circum- around another
co- with, together
contra- against
xen(o) foreign, different
-y process of, condition
-trispy crushing
-trophy nourishment, development
-un(i) one
-tomy cutting, incising
tox(i), tox(o) toxin, poison
trans- across, through
supra- above, excessive
tachy- fast
-tic pertaining to
-stomy creating of an opening
sub- beneath
super- excess, above
-scope used for viewing
-scopy used for viewing
-stasis stop, stand
-penia deficiency
per- through
peri- surrounding, around
phil(ia) attraction for
-plasis formation, development
-plasty surgical repair
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