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Human Resource Man.


Auto Insurance protects against losses to property and injuries to people in a car accident
ATM (Automated Teller Machine) used to withdraw cash from a checking account
Balance an amount availiable or owed on an account
Budget plan used to decide the amount of money to spend, and how it will be spent
Check an order to pay another person an amount of money from your account
Check Register record of all deposits to and withdrawals from a checking account
Checking Account account where money can be withdrawn with checks or a debit card
Cleared Check when money has transferred from the account of the payer to the payee
Credit Card allows you to make purchases and pay for them at a later date
Debt the amount you owe on a loan
Debit Card used to make purchases wiht funds directly form a checking account
Deposit money placed into an account. direct deposit
Expense anything you spend money on
Gross Pay the total amount of a paycheck beofre taxes
Health Insurance insurance that covers medical illness or injury
Income money earned through work
Insurance a product offered by a company promising tonpretect you from specific financial risks
Interest Rate the percentage cost of borrowing from someone else
Loan money lent to someone else in exchange for future payment
Net Pay the amount of a paycheck after taxes are subtracted from Gross Pay
Net Worth the combined balance of your cash and accounts
Overdraft credit extended from a financial instituition when an account has in sufficient funds. Usually results in a fee
Paystub a document that comes wiht your paycheck, showing how much you were paid and how much was withheld for taxes
Reconciliation a way to balance your account records with your bank or credit union
Renters Insurance covers your personal property in a rented apartment or home
Savings Account account for storing or saving money with limited withdrawals
Transfer when miney is moved from one account to another
Utilities a term used to reference electric, water, gas, and other services
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