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Kituba Nouns

bakala husband
banzimbu songs
bisika nyonso everywhere
bwala village
dibuundu assembly
dikabu, makabu gift(s), present(s), gifts of the Holy Spirit
dikanda, makanda family, clan(s)
diki/(ba)maki egg/eggs
dikutu, makutu ear(s)
disumu sin
kento wife
kikapu chapter
kilele, bilele material, clothing
kilokola hour, session (meeting)
kilombi the one who asks, requester
kimwangisi destroyer, demolisher
kimwangisi-nsangu journalist
kisadisi deacon, employer,
kisika place, milieu
kisika ya kulala dormitory
kisika ya nkaka elsewhere, another place
kizyeti voyager
kuluntu, mukengi diacre
kutala kyadi to have pity on
kyadi pity, compassion, mercy, sadness, melancholy
kyadi/mawa/mawete sadness, pity
lulendo, lunangu pride
lusalusu, lusadusu aid, help, assistance
lusambulu prayer
mambu word, message, problem (proposition)
Mambu ya Nzambi Word of God
mansukina end, conclusion, epilogue
masumu sins
mavimpi mbote good health
mayangi/kiyengi/kyese/kilengi/nsayi joy, enchantment
mayela intelligence, strategy, ruse
mazono yesterday
mazusi (day)before yesterday
mbala, bambala time(s)
mbangululu (mbangudulu) definition, signification, in other words
mbasi tomorrow
mbungu metal or wood cup
mbungu ya Nzambi chalice (catholic)
minkayulu ya Mpeve ya Longo gifts of the Holy Spirit
Mufundi Accuser, plaintiff
mukanda, mikanda letter, document, paper(s), book
mukengi elder, guard, sentinel
muklisto Christian
mulele a cloth, pagne
mulonga line, verse
munkayulu, minkayulu gift(s), offering(s)
muntu ya nkaka someone else
musyoni missionary
muvungi, mumvungi/mivungi, mimvungi pastor, shepherd/shepherds
mvita, bamvita combat, combats
Mvula ya ndolo Torrential rain, flood
mwana ya bakala boy
mwana ya kento girl
mwana ya munu my child
ndinga voice, language, The Word
Ndolo Rainy season , or 2nd half of rainy season
ngayi-ngayi oseille
nsangu, mazabusu/bansangu announcements, news
nsatu need, hunger
nzila, (mulonga) way, path, (verse, line)
nzyetolo journey, voyage
pesa mayangi to enchant
vwanda na mayangi to be happy
yina that one
Yinzo ya Nzambi Church, house of God
kilombi ya balabala beggar
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