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Rome study cards

There are 10 questions and 7 define questions

What happened after the Tiber Marshland was drained ? _ The reclaimed areas as a forum _ A temple to the Latin`s great god , Jupiter was constructed
By the 7th century Rome was developing an identity . List 2 things that Rome accomplished. _ Built a bridge over the Tiber _ Founded a seaport downriver at ostia _ Roman forces destroyed a rival Latin city called Alba Longa
Why was it important for the Romans to trade with the Greek Traders ? Victory goes to the state with the highest culture
When Rome was founded who controlled the government ? Nobles ( patricans _ protective fathers )
Who was the government designed to protect ? Wealth and power of nobles
What does the idea of of "guns and butter " mean ? You cant spend a dollar on guns or you can spend it on butter but you cant spend it on both.
List and describe the 3 branches of government . Give 2 details for each branch. ( the senate ) _ Oldest branch most powerful controlled by patricians. _ controlled foreign policy taxes and expenditures ( Tridunes ) _ elected by the plebian`s citizen assembly _ worked to gain rights for plebians (the consuls ) _ Citizen assembl
When the patricians wrote 12 laws where did they post laws ? In the Forum
Even though king Pyrruhus beat Rome`s forces again and again how did the Romans win the war ? -Rome supplied a steady stream of reinforcements
How did the Roman army change to deal with tougher enemies ? - looser in structure than phalant - bound together with discipline
Define cumbersome clumsy
Define radial big change
Define plebeians common people
Define patricians nobles
Define oligarchy a goverrnment run run by a small group of important powerful rich people
Define republic a form of government in which citizens representatives to speak or act for them
Define phalanx a tight_ packed for mation of heavily armored infantry with long spears capable of smashing opposing forces by sheer momentum.
Created by: Facchinig5
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