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Speech Therapy

Central Blood Supply

What is the official term for a stroke? Cerebro Vascular Accident is official term for this "event"
The Aorta descends from the heart and divides into what smaller arteries? Common carotid arteries, and vertebral arteries
The common corotid arteries divide into what? Internal carotids and external carotids below the base of the skull
What do the internal carotid arteries divide into? Anterior and middle cerebral arteries are smaller divisions of the _____________ arteries
How are the anterior cerebral arteries connected? These arteries are connected by the anterior communicating artery
What is the function of the middle cerebral arteries? Arteries that serve all neurological structures important for speech/lang/swallowing
Why are common carotids more prone to stroke than vertebral arteries? These arteries more prone to blockage and thus stroke because curvy and twisted
What is the route (course) of the vertebral arteries? Ascend through transverse processes of cervical vertebrae and enter cranial cavity through foramen magnum;join to form basilar artery; basilar divides into posterior cerebral arteries; these connect to internal carotid by posterior communicating artery.
What is the Circle of Willis? safety mechanism to keep blood flowing in case of stroke; ties all the arteries together; looks like bowl of spaghetti
Which cerebral arteries supply the lateral aspect of the brain? Posterior cerebral and middle cerebral supply this aspect of the brain
Which cerebral arteries supply the medial aspect and subcortical areas of the brain anterior cerebral and posterior cerebral arteries supply this aspect of the brain
Which cerebral arteries supply the brainstem? surface branches and short penetrating branches of the basilar artery supply this part of the CNS
Which arteries are connected by the Circle of Willis? [APPIA) Anterior communicating arteries, Posterior communicating arteries, Posterior cerebral arteries (portion), internal carotids (portion), Anterior cerebral arteries (portion)
Which cerebral arteries supply the cerebellum? supplied by major branches of the vertebral and basilar arteries
Course and location of the common carotid arteries? These arteries ascend in the neck.
What is the course of the internal carotid arteries? Each enters the cranial cavity through a canal in the base of the skull.
Which artery supplies the face The external carotid artery supplies this area
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