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Community 3of3 Final

Community 3 test highlights

Statistics • Science of making statements about an entire population from a limited sample of that population
Biostatistics • Biologically relevant
Convenience sample • Can’t generalize
Independent variable • May determine the outcome
Nominal • Lowest level of measurement
Ordinal ordered categories. ex ordering high to low
Interval equally spaced ex temperature 0 is still a temperature
Ratio a set zero. 0 dollars=no money
Histogram no spaces between bars
Bar charts Bars of equal width/spaces between bars represent each category Height is determined by the relative frequency of occurrence
Measures of Central tendancy Attempt to identify the middle
Mean and median are located to the right or left on a positive skew Right
median measures of spread percentiles and quartiles. lower quartile is the 25th percentile
Mean measure of spread what is used standard deviation or variance
variant deviation is square root of the variance
standard deviation may be influenced by outliers
What percent fall w/n 2 standard deviations from the mean 95%
Scatter diagram measures what how tightly the points on the scatter diagram cluster around a straight line
What is used to analyze the effects of 2 or more independent variables simultaneously w/n the same research design and to determine interactions among the variables in multiple sample groups ANOVA
Null hypothesis statement of no relationship between an exposure and outcome
p-value probability of a result being further from what would be expected if null hypothesis were true.
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