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Community 2of 3Final

2009 community final study guide Test 2 review

Oral health promotion is aimed at Dental caries, Disease of the supporting structures,Oral pharyngeal cancers, Craniofacial injuries
Oral health promotion Goal is empower people to attain equity in health and to reduce the incidence and prevalence of oral disease thru education.
Prevention is what to oral health promotion Essential
Primary prevention Intervention in disease before it occurs (Most essential)
Secondary prevention SRP
Aspects of an effective Health promotion program NOT dependent on compliance. Feasible
Meso level of social factors Institutional: family unit
Population with the lowest use of dental care Hispanics
Highest use of dental care Whites
Aspects of an effective health promotion program Not dependent on compliance cost effective,feasible
These programs reduced dental caries by 60% School based pit and fissure sealant programs
Water flouridation 50 years research, socially equitable, Only community health issue voted on by public,
Healthy people target goal of flouridation 75% of US
What % of US uses H2O w/Flouride 66%
What country has the highest caries in children Romania
Define health education Learning opportunities or educational interventions designed to help individuals or groups learn new health information and develop new health behaviors
Interpersonal focus "people helping people" small groups also known as Social Learning Theory
Stages of change model Precontemplation, contemplation, decision/determination, Action, Maintenance.
Community organization theory believe that they have control (empowerment) over their lives and the lives of their group
Diffusion of innovations theory • Characteristics of an innovation o Relative advantage o Compatibility o Complexity
Organizational change theory • Move through stages as they initiate and adopt change
Maslow's Hierarchy of needs triangle level 2 of importance Security and safety needs
Maslow's Hierarchy of needs triangle levels of importance 1 Physiological needs 2.Security and safety needs 3. Social needs 4.Esteem or ego needs 5. Self actualization
Learning styles: What % of people remember what they see, hear, and do 90%
Instructional planning • Analysis of the target audience and their unique learning needs
Community profile done as part of the assessment phase • Age, gender, ethnicity, cultural background, socioeconomic status, and educational levels
Educational lesson plan is what • Well organized, written guide for presenting a specific block of instruction • Ensures that all info and materials are presented • Needs to be stable and standardized
Endemic • Constant disease in geographic region
Epidemic • • • High occurrence in geographic location
Pandemic Spread over entire country or the world
Incidence Rate of development of a disease in a group over time or the rate at which new disease cases occur in a population during a specified period
Prevalence • Proportion of people in a population that have disease
Descriptive: : study the amount and distribution of disease
The most common descriptive study is cross sectional/prevalence study
3 core public health functions Policy development, Assurance, Assessment
Measurements Index should be reliable
reliable consistently measure the same level of disease at different times by different examiners under various conditions
Prevalence • How many people within population have disease
CPITN-CPI does what measures periodontal status
What are the three indicators considered when measuring periodontal status o Gingival bleeding o Calculus o Perio pockets
Ramfjord teeth/Ramfjord index teeth for a full mouth perio status assessment 6 teeth: 3,9,12,19,25,28
Dean's fluorosis index Score is based on the two most affected teeth and is recommended by WHO for community surveys
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