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Phrasal verbs

Phrasal verbs

Bring up educar/mencionar
Bring on provocar/causar
Bring it on To accept a challenge with confidence “You want to have a race? Bring it on! I can beat you!”
call on exhortar/visitar
call of cancelar/suspender
cheer on /up animar
come up proponer/salir
come in entrar /venir
come across encontrar/encontrarse con
come forward orfecerse/comparecer
cut off cortar algo/interrumpir
cut out cortar/suprimir /parar
cut in interrumpir/intervenir
drop by/in To stop by for a visit, for a short time.
drop off dejar/entregar
fall down caerse
fill in completar
fill up llenar
get away huir/alejarse
get around moverse (very informal )
get along with llevarse bien con
get up levantarse
get back to volver
give out dar
give in ceder
give away regalar/repartir
give up rendirse
go out with salir
go ahead seguir adelante
grow up crecer
hang on sujetar
hang out pasarun rato
hold on esperar/aferrarse
look up buscar
look out mirar algo afuera
put on ponerse (ropa)
take off quitarse ropa/salir
take out quitar/asesinar
turn around dar la vuelta
work out ejercitarse
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