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Rhino Budak sambu
Elephant Gajah
Ant Semat
Cricket Belalang
Mosquito Nyamuk
Butterfly Rama rama
Horse Kuda
Cycling Berbesikal
Running Berlari
Screaming Menjerit
Chatting Berbual
Eat Makan
Sleep Tidur
Study Belajar
Buy Membeli
Excercise Senaman
Read Membaca
Wait Menunngu
Visit Melawat
Starfruit Belimbing
Mangosteen Manggis
Durian Durian
Banana Pisang
Potato Kentang
Papaya Betik
Mango Mangga
Quarter Suku
Three quarters Tiga suku
Eleven Sebelas
70 Tujuh puluh
Eighty eight Lapan puluh lapan
300 Tiga ratus
4000 Empat ribu
5 million Lima juta
6090 Enam ribu sembilan puluh
13 Tiga belas
. PerPULUHan
- Per
Half (time) Setengah
Second Saat
Minute Minit
Hour Jam
12.05pm Pukul dua belas lima minit tengah hari
12am-11.59 Selamat pagi
12-1:59 Selamat tengah hari
2pm-6:59pm Selamat malam
Welcome to Selamat datang di
What months are spelled differently? Januari, Februari, Mac, Mei, Jun, Julai, Ogos, Oktober, and Disember
Today Hari ini
Yesterday Semalam
Day before yesterday Kelmarin
Tomorrow Esoka
Day after tomorrow Lusa
Last Lepas
Next Hadapan
Every Setiap
Alternate Selang
Year Tahun
How are you Apa khabar
I'm good Khabar baik
I'm great Sangat baik
Bye ( person staying) Jumpa lagi
Bye (person going) Selamat tinggal
Thank you Terima kasih
You're welcome Sama-sama
See you later Jumpa nanti
Excuse me/sorry Maafkan saya
Please wait Sila tunggu sebentar
I Saya/Aku
You Awak/andah
You all Awak semua
Us (not you) Kami (Ka ME)
Us (inclusive) Kita
He/she Dia
His/her Nya
Formal his/her Beliau
They/them Mereka
Student Pelajar
Teacher Guru
Handsome Kacak
Pretty Cantik
Fat Gemuk
Hardworking Raijin
Time Masa
From_ Dari_
Age Umur
Library Perpustukaan
Office Pejabat Pe-JOB-at
Brother Abang
Sister Kakak
Mother Ibu
Father Ayah/bapa
Like Suka
Bookshop Kedai buku
Book Buku
Bus station Perhentian bus -think hentai
Taman Park
At 5pm, Ali was jogging at the park PADA pukul 5 petang, Ali joging di taman
Tempat Place
I live in Saya tinggal di
Live/stay Tinggal
Address Alamat rumah
Family Keluarga Exit-ga?
What Apakah
Who Siapakah (Like how noone really knows Sia)
Where Dimanakah
Why Mengapakah/kenapakah
When Bilakah
How Bagaimanakah
How much/how many Berapakah
Little sister Adik perempuan
Lil bro Adik lelaki
Go Pergi
Photo Gembar
Happy Gembira
Week Minggu
Month Bulan
Day Hari
Here Sini
Find Cari
Please Sila
Please come in Sila masuk
Please sit down Sila duduk
Really Sangat
Who is it Siapakah
Also Juga
It has Ia mempunyai
Because Kerena
Huge library Perpustakaan yang sangat besar
Created by: Meeshan



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