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Final Biology

The picture shows something very similar to what you saw in the laboratory. This is a photo of: Looks like Potato chips with two dots in some of them. Human cheek cells
Which words best describe bacteria? Prokaryotic, single celled
In lab, the movement of iodine into the dialysis bag containing starch represented... Diffusion
In the lab on cells, when you added salt solution to a slide of an elodea leaf and observed the placement of chloroplast, what type of movement across a membrane did this demonstrate? Osmosis
Which of the following cell characteristics could you use (with a powerful microscope) to distinguish the photosynthesizing cyanobacteria oscillitoria (observed in lab) from the photosynthetic algae spirogyra (observed in lab)>? Presence or absence of a nucleus Presence or absence of chloroplast
Choose the appropriate phrases to fill in the blanks. Energy ___________, but matter ____________. Flows, cycles
The ocular of this microscope has a magnification of 10. What is the total magnification of a slide if you were using 4X objective lens? 40X
You are going to prepare and view a slide. What is the best procedural order? Begin with the 4X objective using coarse focus.
The coarse focus knob is used with which objectives? 4X
A student added water to a blood plasma solution that was previously isotonic to red blood cells. The red blood cells will now Swell (gain water)
Which sequence of taxonomic classifications is in the correct sequential order (from larger to smaller groupings)? Class, order, family, genus
Which of the following is true of water? Water has a high heat capacity water is cohesive and adhesive water has a high surface tension
If neutral atoms become neagative ion, they have: Gained electrons
Which of the following subabtomic particles has a positive charge Proton
What name is given to the bond between water molecules? hydrogen
How many electrons does carbon require to fill its outer electron shell? 4
which best describe the type of chemical bonds between atoms that "share" electons? covalent
enzymes facilitate metabolic reactions.
moleculse that permeate a plasma membrane by facilitated diffusion require the presence of carrier proteins, but no ATP
which one molecule would be used repeatedly tof orm a carbohydrate such as starch sugar
protein chain or cahins of amino acids
lipid glycerol and hydrocarbon caians
nucleic acid A nitrogenus base and a 5 carbon sugar
carbohydrate carbon ring or rings ( but not a steriod
a dehydration synthesis reavtin can result in which of the following monomers of sugars being bonded into disacerides the bonding of smino acids adp adding a phosphate group
which would most often be a liquid at room temoeratue insaturaed fats
which is true of a plasma membrane it is a phosphate bilayer it is semi permeable proteins are embeded within
animal cells with high energy requirerments have large quantities of mitochondria
ribosomes are found
Created by: Bmburns34
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