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Mod D Unit IV


Combination of two or more metals Alloy
An effective, long lasting, and comparatively inexpencive material used for tooth restoration Amalgam
Drug encased in gelatin shell, dissolved in the stomach Capsule
Direct, toothe colored restorative material Composite
A change in meterial when under constant load Creep
A toxic chemical element that is the main ingredient of dental amalgams Mercury
More putty like and stiff in consistency than other composites; used in posterior areas that need a stronger restoration Packable Composites
A small pellet made of metal or plastic that aids in the mixing of alloy and murcury Pestle
Hard, ceramic ware used in shells, veneers, facings, artifical teeth Porcelain
Conditioner used before a bonding material is placed Primer
A matrix without a retainer Automatrix
To smooth Brunish
Attachment head for the low-speed handpiece; congra-angles hold burs, discs, stones, rubber caps, and brushes for intoraoral and extraoral procedures; Type of Tofflemire retainer, placed on the lingual side, angled slightly to clear the anterior teeth Contra-Angle
A thin, plastic form that is shaped like a crown used on anterior teeth when the incisal edge is involved Crown Matrix Form
An essential artificial wall used to replace the misssing or removed surfaces of a tooth during the filling of a cavity;composed of a band and a retainer Matrix
Small V shaped wedge made of wood or plastic to support matrix band and shape Matrix Wedge
Tool used to tighten and support the matrix band on the tooth while the tooth is being restored, part of a denture that contacts the abutment teeth and prevents the partial from moving Retainer
System used to restore anatomical contacts during the filling process; consists of an oval matrix band, rings to hold the matrix band, and forcepts to place the ring Sectional Matrix System
Most common matrix use for amalgam restorations, the retainer can be sterillized and reused but the bands, desposable Tofflemire Matrix
Small, Triangular piece of wood or plastic Wedge
The intesity or quality of the hue Chroma
Dental specialty concerned with enhancing a persons smile and teeth apperance Cosmetic Dentistry
Similar to tooth bonding, a resin meterial is applied to tooth surfaes that have been roughened by air-abrasion or rotary burs and wheels. The plastic material is cemented directly onto the surface, smoothed and polished Direct Veneer Application
Outer, stains on outside of the tooth Extrinsic
Color, the hue of mature teeth varies due to intrinsic and extrinsic stains from smoking, foods, and restorative materials Hue
The art of making something appear different then what it actually is Illusion
The science of occlusion that objectively measures the physiologic functions affected by occlusion to achieve an optimal relationship between the skull and mandible Neuromuscular Dentistry
Not allowing any light to pass through Opacity
Following bleaching, a densetizing liquid, pase, or gel applied to tooth surfaces that seal dentin tubles to minimize discomfort and reduce shape relapse Tooth Desensitization
Surrond the tooth and mark the boundaries of the face of the tooth Transitional Line Angles
CEramic RECinstruction system that provides a ceramic, non-metallic, biocompativle veneer, inaly, onlay, or crown construction method CEREC
removing excessive tissue to obtain symmetry of the gingival crest Gingival Contouring
Gingival retraction- Chemical, mechanical, surgical, or combination process used to ensure an impression with clear margins can be obtained when preparing a tooth for a crown Gingival Recession
An orthodontic method for tooth alignment using a series of clear, preformed, custom trays that apply pressure for tooth movement Invisalign
Reconstructive surgery on the gingival and/or mucosa tissues; involves covering exposed rootts, increasing the width of gingival tissue, and reducing frenum or muscle attachment Mucogingival Surgery
Compatible interface between the bone and the dental implant Osseointegration
lack of bone tissue Osteopenia
Building up gingival and bone tissue in collapsed areas resulting from tooth extraction Ridge Augmentation
Transplanting mouth tissue, from nearby gingival tissue or from the palate area, to other sites Soft Tissue Grafting
Covering the crown surfaces of the tooth with artificial coverings Tooth Crowns
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